Thursday, April 17, 2014

Best Friends

Mica has a friend that he hangs out with all the time. I happen to call two boys that are the best of friends, having a bromance. According to the friend's mom they both are very smart, and connect on a mental level. It's funny because I try not to bring the fact that Mica does well in school up to him often. I don't want it to go to his head. I struggled in school big time when I was his age. We let him know he's doing a good with his homework and with grades, but we don't want him thinking he's all that!

His friend's family came to our house to pick up Mica 3 or 4 months ago. They made a trip to the library to play learning games. Then all of them came to our house to play. I wasn't expecting them to be there. My house wasn't exactly in the best of shape for visitors.

About four weeks ago we asked if his friend could go bowling? They could, and they all showed up. I was sort of shocked that they all came. His mom offered to help pay. I paid for their lanes and she paid for their shoes. She was wanting to give me more money, but I said, "No it's my treat."

About two weeks ago they asked if our family could come over to their house for lunch? We came with a huge salad, and homemade dressing. They had the works of Ethiopian food. We sat around on the ground and ate, and ate. They gave us special coffee, and tea. Their cousin showed up for the "Special Event". We were the "Special Event". We ended up staying for 5 hours that day. When we left I felt like they didn't want us to go.

I'm getting the idea that they do things as a whole family all the time. It's the Mom, and three kids. The Dad works all the time. Their Grandma and Aunt live with them. They are a nice family. I'm just not used to doing things with a friend's whole family. I do have to say that I'd rather have Mica be friends with a family that cares about their children, than a family that's not there for them. That Mom is there for her kids!

Some times I want my kids to play with just their friend. In my head I'm thinking, "Go have fun and play!" They are only kids once. Soon enough they'll loose their creative play. I need a break from entertaining my own children. Go play, be kids.

I struggled with what to do next. They are a family that wants to get together. They respect us highly. It's not like they are rude. They are very nice. They have done things for us. This must be how they do things in Ethiopia (where they are from). I'm not sure how birthday parties will be. His whole family will show up. I don't know if that's bad, good, or if it's just different?

We invited their family to come to the Lowes Clinic with us this last weekend.  They were half an hour late, so we were all wondering if they were going to show up...thankfully they did. I thought the Lowes Clinic would be perfect to invite them to because it's free, and they have never been there.

I helped the sister in 1st grade with her project, Daddy helped the brother in 3rd grade, and Mica and their Mom helped Mica's friend that's in 2nd grade. Mica's friend said, "I have to say that I'm much more of a technology kid! I'm just not a builder type." We all laughed when his friend said that. It sounded funny coming from a 2nd grader. 

Mica was laughing at his best friend.

They liked the event so much, that they wanted me to sign them up for the next one. It seems as though we have Lowes Clinic partners now. 

Isaak was grumpy because his recycling truck lost a piece. Even though Mica's friend's sister found it, he wasn't out of his grump state. 

Here's what they made:



Masshole Mommy said...

My littlest makes that EXACT SAME face when he is grumpy about something.

Ai Sakura said...

It's lovely that they do everything as a family, and is probably part of their culture as well.

They might not be used to the U.S. ways yet so I think it's ok to actually nudge them in the right direction for social etiquette e.g not bringing the whole family for a birthday party :P I'm sure they will appreciate you for it!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Theresa Mahoney said...

I think it's great they spend so much time together as a family, but do agree, a bit weird when they want both families to get together. But what a great way to make new friends yourself too!

~ Noelle said...

that is sort of neat (and different) that they do things as a family...although i am like you and would prefer that they show an interest in their kid than not...
that was nice you invited them to the lowes clinic :)

mail4rosey said...

You blog about these clinics and I finally signed us up for one & was so excited to go. We had awful weather the day it rolled around, and had to cancel, lol!

That's nice that they do things as a family. It is also very different from our culture, where we love the kids playing together so we can breathe a bit and get caught up. :)

Eat To Live said...

That was so nice of them to invite your whole family over. What better way to get to know them than breaking bread with them.


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