Friday, April 18, 2014

Envirosax Review

I just love having reusable sacks for shopping. Sometimes when I shop I've seen people ask the cashier to please put one item in each plastic bag. It seriously drives me batty watching them waist bags like that. It costs money to make plastic bags, and more money to recycle them.

I just won a Envirosax Rosa Bag from their Facebook page: Conserving Now.

The bag rolls up, so it's great for space! I could fit it in my purse.

 What's so great about this bag anyway?
  • I love using Envirosax Rosa Bag because I know I can use over and over again. It's much better to use than the plastic bags, which often times get thrown out.
  • It's water resistant. You can take it to the beach, or to the swimming pool with no worries about it getting wet.
  • If you do want to get rid of it, which I don't know why anyone would, it's 100% recyclable. 
  • It's fully washable, and won't fade in the process.
  • It's so easy to carry in your handbag because it can be folded up.
  • It's tested for safety and strength.
  • It's both light weight and strong. It holds up to 44 pounds! 
  • It comes in a selection of patterns and colors. I love the patter I got!
  • They are not that expensive. The bag I got is on a close out sale, so it's $6.99!
Here's a close up of the pattern that is on my bag:

Many more patterns and colors are available on their site.

The boys and I went shopping to get stuff to dye Easter eggs. That's what we are doing tonight. Isaak is so excited. The bag held everything we got. Actually there was room in the bag for more.

We got 2 dozen white eggs, a dozen of brown eggs, and Easter egg dye.

I'm always trying to get my boys to carry groceries, and they seemed to like this bag.
I like that the handle is a little thicker to stay on their itty bitty shoulders. The bag looks big on them, but it's so light weight. I assure you they did not have problems holding it.
Isaak sporting the Envirosax Rosa Bag. He liked to wear it on the opposite shoulder.

Mica sporting the Envirosax Rosa Bag.

Check out Conserving Now's:

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Theresa Mahoney said...

I love reusable sacks! That is a really nice one. It looks very sturdy and very well made. I see our Whole Foods is passing some cute ones out this weekend when you bring in plastic bags. I am going to try to stop in and get some!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Envirosax are the best. I invested in them 3 years ago and they have held up through numerous washings. They are so strong too - you can really load them up with groceries. I absolutely adore my Envirosax (I have about 8) and no other reusable sack can compare.

mail4rosey said...

That's a nice looking family of models you've got there. :)

I have several of these too, and we use them for so many things! 'Grats on the win!

Eat To Live said...

I keep reusable bags in our car so I always have them when I need them.

~ Noelle said...

that bag looks pretty awesome :)


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