Monday, June 2, 2014

Isaak Letters

I generally try and think of things that Aunt Angela can get for the boys that are not toys. Isaak like crafty things, so I told her he'd love some type of craft kit. The trouble is, is that most craft kits are for girls.

She ended up getting him wooden letters that spell out his name, among other things.

He was pretty particular about what he wanted to do with these letters.

  • He wanted them to each have their own pattern.
  • He wanted them to each be a different color. He wanted to use all the colors of paint that he has.
  • He wanted each to have a different texture. 
  • He wanted their edges to be black and brown. I told him, "How about we just make them one or the other?" He wanted both. I said, "Ok we can make the left sides of all the letters black, and the right sides of all the letters brown." He's one smart cookie. He said, "What about the top and bottom?" I said, "We'll make the tops of them brown, and the bottoms black."
Here's my little Picasso. No it wasn't planned to make him look like Picasso. Notice the stripped shirt? 

 Isaak's the king of messy hair. He laid down to rest, and his hair was messy when he got up!

Here's his name:

  • On all the letters Isaak primed the wood with gesso. 
  • He got the textured materials, and laid them in the paint. 
  • He helped pick out the colors, which he wanted to use them all. I talked with him about what would work, and what would not. I did paint the color gradations on. 
  • At this point I thought we were done. He wanted gold to be on the letters. I showed him how to dry brush. A technique where you wet your brush, dry it off on a paper towel and paint. He painted gold on the letters. 
  • Once again I thought we were done. He said, "Where's the patterns?" We set out to add patterns. He helped decide what pattern went where. He painted some glue down, while I laid them in. 
  • Then he coated them with glue when it was all said and done.

 I had paper punches. We used a standard punch for this one. The silver is tin foil punches.

 S had grass. The silver is tin foil diamonds.

A had stripes of paper that Isaak cut out. The silver is tin foil squares.

 A had stripes of dental floss. The dentist would be proud! The silver is tin foil stripes.

K had sawdust. It was just the shavings from the pencil sharpener. The silver is a flower shaped punch that Mica had.

Now I have to decide how to hang it. Any ideas?


Theresa Mahoney said...

I think ribbons might be too girly for hanging. We have letters like that on Mariah's wall that we just used heavy duty wall tape to hang with. Of course, we will probably have to re-drywall that area when we take them down though.

I do love the colors you chose!

Masshole Mommy said...

I love his messy hair and the letters came out AWESOME!!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Those are beautiful letters!

~ Noelle said...

They look great...
What did you decide to do with them?

~ Noelle said...

They look great...
What did you decide to do with them?


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