Friday, June 6, 2014

Random Tid Bits

  1. I've been thinking about movies, TV, and video games in connection to kids. We've never had cable. Any movie that we let the boys watch is under our control. About the only channel they watch is PBS at our house. I'm sure they watch other things at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

    I've let them watch old Lone Ranger episodes. There's shooting in those. They watch super hero movies. Some I don't mind, while others I do. We've had talks about what's real, and what's not. I don't feel like I should cover up all things with my kids. They are going to be exposed to stuff. They need to experience some things, so when they get older it's not all new to them.

    My kids are not big into video games. Their favorite game is Super Mario Bros and Monsters Vs. Aliens. I would never let them play anything that is for a mature audience only.

    In regards to movies I won't let my kids watch anything rated R. PG 13 has to be previewed by us first. The biggest thing I watch for is watching things that has a lot of sexual implications. I won't let them watch any Transformer movies because they flaunt the sexy girl a little too much. Mica in particular I have to watch. He notices girls. Sexy stuff is everywhere. In society we worry about girls, and what they think of their own bodies. I'm here to tell you that I worry about my own boys. I want them to respect girls. I don't want them to get hung up on what what looks good, or what feels good when they are teens. I'm not naive, I know they'll do some of that anyway. I just hope I can help them to understand that they should respect girls. They should not judge only on looks. I really hope that they don't become fathers before they are ready to be fathers. I don't want them to only go for a certain body type because it's what society flaunts. To me the biggest, best thing we can do with our kids is have a conversation. Discuss fiction and reality. Talk about respecting girls. Listen to them when they are telling us about their day.

    Each kid is different, and every age group varies to. Do you let your kids watch whatever they want? How did, or do you gauge what your kids watch?

  2. I feel like this weekend is going to be a waste. I seriously have no time to do anything I want to do. I don't even have time to clean my house. 

  3. We're taking Grandpa out for for breakfast for Father's Day next weekend. I got him a book I know he'll enjoy. We spent a little more on him for birthday, so we're going a little lighter on Father's Day. For my husband I had the boys help me make playing cards for him on Shutterfly. I usually don't get my husband much, we just go out for breakfast. One year I did a mug with the kid's artwork, another year I did candy bar card.

  4. What do you do for Father's Day?

  5. On the last week of school this (*See picture below.) visited my kid's school. They've been talking about it every so often since then. It's the little, or in this case big things that matter.

  6. Tomorrow I have the school (where I work) graduation ceremony. It's held in a different spot. I've never been there, everyone seems clueless about where it is, and I just hope I don't get lost getting there.


Harry Flashman said...

Well, good luck. Males are hardwired in that respect. When you get old enough to start thinking about long term relationships and what the desirable qualities are in a woman, you're already past the exclusively lusting after beautiful women stage. I think most guys are , anyway. But up til that point, it's just natural. I was 30 when I married. My wife was beautiful and that's what initially attracted me to her, but I married her because she was smart, supportive, strong hearted and I liked being with her.
I expect your boys will eventually find someone like that. It would seem their father did.

Masshole Mommy said...

We do have cable and Netflix, but I have to approve what they watch. Mine like video games, but I have to approve those, too. Definitely nothing for a mature audience would be allowed.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Good for you for trying to instill those qualities in your boys. As the mother of 2 girls, I really appreciate your efforts!

I am not overly strict about what my girls watch, though Allison has been wanting to watch a Miley Cyrus movie that I think is not appropriate, and she gets mad every time I tell her no. She was watching YouTube videos today and I overheard a little cussing. I usually let the first few swear words fly, but once there's more than a hell or a damn, they have to turn it off.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I don't have children but my sister is not strict about what she lets her children watch, with the exception of sexual scenes. She will not let them watch anything that has those in them at all. You mentioning Super Mario Bros. makes me REALLY miss that game. My all-time fav :)

Eat To Live said...

Oh Yea! I can see Grandma and Grandpa letting them watch more than PBS. When you become a grandparent, that is the rule.... let the kids do what ever they want.


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