Friday, September 26, 2014

Random Tid Bits

  1. My first year students are really bad with deadlines this year. I take off for them being late, but it does nothing to motivate them. 

  2. I'm trying out essential oils to help with my allergies. Daddy rolls his eyes at me and says, "Really! You're into witchcraft now." I'm willing to try alternative things if they help.

  3. The boys spent the night with their cousins last weekend. I know why my mom hated when we had overnights as children. Little sleep = grumpy children the next day. At least they had fun.

  4. I feel like I have a pretty good relationship with both of my sisters. Do we see eye to eye all the time? No. I wouldn't see eye to eye with anyone all the time. I just wish that the two of them would talk. I'm really tired of being in the middle of a no talking war. My husband's family has people in it that don't get along as well. It makes family events stressful. I just want everyone to play nice so to speak. I get that getting along doesn't always happen. There is major things that can go down in a family that can split people up. This no talking war could easily be solved by each of them realizing that they just have different opinions, and let it go.    

  5. I got my flu shot last week. My doctor's office is seriously 5 minutes away from my work, which makes it so handy. I like getting flu shots at the doctor's office because insurance covers it. $15 isn't too much, but x that by a family of 4, and it adds up. At the doctor's office I don't have to fill out paper work because they have mine on file.

  6. The boys get their shots this upcoming weekend. It's great they make Saturday appointments. :) I've always had them get the shot over the mist. I just have more faith knowing that they get the shot. Anything with a mist doesn't always mist. My boys are generally pretty good about it. I give them a pep talk about why we get shots, and how they are helpful. Grandma had Polio a few years before the vaccine came out, and Isaak had Meningitis before he was old enough to get fully vaccinated for it. I used to get allergy shots, so there is plenty to talk about. In the end I hear, "That hurt, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was." Sometimes Isaak limps, because he's over dramatic.

    Why get the shot? I know so many people say, "I never get sick." That's my husband. Guess what? He one year got sick with influenza. He missed 2 weeks of work, and felt like he was going to die. I hear others say, "I always get sick even when I get the flu shot." The flu shot is meant to cover influenza. It's not meant to cover the common cold, sinus infections, pneumonia, bronchitis, or the stomach flu. Influenza will knock you on your butt. Even though those that have weakened immune systems are more likely to get influenza, anyone can get it. I have bad allergies, so I'm more at risk, and those that are around my nephew Emerson that really has a weakened immune system should get the shot. Medical staff members have to get a flu shot to keep their job. I hear others say, "I get sick from the shot." I'm hear to tell you I've been getting the flu shot ever since they started making them, and I've never gotten sick from it. I just get a sore arm. If you've gotten sick in the past it's more than likely a coincident. Have I had my doubts over flu shots and vaccines? As much as I'd like to say, "No." I can't. I have had doubts. Isaak got meningitis right after he got his first immunization for meningitis. Of course I've had doubts. Think about all the crap that is gone because of immunizations: Polio, many forms of Meningitis, Small Pox, Chicken Pox which can lead to Shingles, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and more. All of it could come back because not all countries have immunizations. Do immunizations cause Autism? One doctor claimed it did, but he only tested his theory on a handful of patients. All of which had Autism. It's been disproved that immunizations actually cause Autism. - You can read more about Autism and vaccines here.   


Masshole Mommy said...

Haha, I am with Travis on the essential oil thing. I hope they work for ya, though :)

Eat To Live said...

LOL my Hubs used to think I was nuts doing cleansing etc. Now, he asks me when I will be doing a cleanse. Since the HCF I won on your blog... he is becoming a believer.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I know a lot of people who swear by essential oils. I have been thinking of getting some for my own use too. I can't wait to see how it works for you!

mail4rosey said...

I'm sorry to hear your 1st-year students are unmotivated. I'm also sorry to hear about the breach in your family. We have one in ours messes up every holiday.


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