Thursday, May 7, 2015

Growing Up - Staying Little

Looking at this picture I miss that cute little boy. Isaak was always my helper. He's now resists helping, as most kids his age do. He was always happy with little things in life. Finding a penny, a rock, or a washer on the sidewalk. Finding little things on the ground made his whole week. He's still like that. I love his big eyes, and when he was little I liked running my fingers though his baby fine hair. He now wants short hair. 

This week part of me wishes my little man would grow up, and part of me wishes he'd stay little.

A few days ago I got a call from the boy's school, "Mrs. Apel Isaak did something on the playground to his arm. He's just sitting here with ice on it. He says it has happened before."

I said, "I'll come get him."

Off I went knowing that it was probably what he experienced before - Nursemaid's Elbow.

I got to his school, and sure enough Nursemaid's Elbow is what he had. You can tell it's not a broken arm because the child didn't fall, or bump into anything. The arm just gets pulled, and then you hear a pop noise. The first time it happened Grandpa was helping Isaak up off the couch. This time he was playing on the monkey bars (I think). They also hold their arm in a cradle type position, not wanting to move it. It's very common, but I've found that a lot of people do not know what it is.
It's good to know how to fix it. When kids get Nursemaid's Elbow it is bound to happen again. It is something that can be fixed at home. What is it? The elbow bone (radius) is connected to the elbow joint (humerus) by elastic bands called ligaments. These ligaments grow stronger and tighter as a child grows older. In little kids and babies, the ligaments are still loose. This makes it easy for the elbow to slip out of place. Waving a kid around in circles (like I've seen people do) is asking for a kid to get Nursemaid's Elbow. Kid's usually grow out of it by the age of 5. This is Isaak's 2nd or 3rd time getting Nursemaid's Elbow. One time we thought he had it, he popped it back in himself we're thinking.

This time we were ready to pop it into place. A nurse showed us how on YouTube.

We were ready to pop his arm back into place, so little man didn't hurt anymore. The trouble was that he was screaming. Freaking out screaming.

Travis said, "Let's just call your sister Terra." She's fixed our nephew Elijah's Nursemaid's Elbow 3 times. Travis took Isaak to Terra's house, and she fixed the screaming boy up.

I'm so ready for him to grow out of getting Nursemaid's Elbow!

A week and a half ago Isaak got Croup. While kids can get Croup, it's usually a baby/toddler thing to get. 

This to I'm ready for Isaak to grow out of.

This morning I went to gather laundry. I picked up Isaak's underwear, and noticed that they were sopping wet. When I asked Isaak about it he acted as though he knew nothing about his wet underwear. 

I said, "Isaak it's important for me to know if you wet the bed, or not. I need to know because it's not healthy to sleep in a bed that has pee on it." Sure I could have felt it, but I wanted it to come from him. He admitted to wetting the bed. He'll go for months not wetting the bed, then bam wetting it often. A few times Dad got after him. I told Travis when he was getting after Isaak that he's not helping. Now Isaak's afraid to tell me. He fears he'll get in trouble. I think some kids just sleep so sound, that, that signal that tells you to go to the bathroom is sleeping to.

This to I'm ready for Isaak to grow out of. No one likes washing bedding. Isaak doesn't like wetting the bed.

Although I miss my babies. You've heard the saying, I'd like to put a brick on their heads. To keep them little forever. There's some things I'd like for them to grow out of for sure!


Theresa Mahoney said...

Poor Isaak is just getting hit left and right lately! Hope a little sunshine comes his way soon ;)

Masshole Mommy said...

I have never heard of Nursemaid's Elbow before, but poor little Isaak!!

~ Noelle said...

Poor thing. Hope it doesn't hurt that bad. I wish they could stay little too. Lol time flies

Charlie said...

I totally get it. I too wish my kids could do certain things already while on the other hand wishing they still did some things. Mom's are crazy that way. haha.

I have never heard of nurses elbow. With the way my elbow can lock and how that feels, I would hate to have to go through what he does. Poor little man!

You've got that right. My son's Dr said it would be a big no no if anyone got on to my son about wetting the bed. Sometimes my son wouldn't tell me and the pee would dry up making dark rings that I wouldn't know about until I smelled the odor or did the laundry. I just started putting a hospital pad over the sheet that got it all. Much easier to wash and/or change.


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