Monday, May 4, 2015

Strength Stack 52 Complete Pack Review

Since we're no longer Y members, due to finances, I'm trying to find new ways to exercise at home. Thankfully I've kept my weight off. I just got Strength Stack 52 Complete Pack to review! You can purchase this complete pack on Amazon for $89.81, but it's on sale for $48.87.

At the Y they had a similar 1 die that had an exercise, and another with a number. We used to roll both dice, do whatever it said (such as jumping jacks), and do it how ever many times that it said. With Strength Stack 52 Complete Pack they have way more options. The set comes with 5 dice that has all kinds of exercises, and another die that tells you how many to do of that exercise.

The boys love this. I happened to get bicycle kicks, Isaak got jumping jacks, and Mica got flutter kicks. There are a few things I had to look up online. I wasn't sure what a mason twist was. The boys can't complain about what exercise they have to do because they rolled the dice.


Created by military fitness expert and scientist Sergeant Michael Volkin and used by the US Army in Iraq, Strength Stack 52 was scientifically designed for achieving elite fitness anywhere with no equipment in the most efficient way possible. I love that we can do these exercises anytime, anywhere.
Strength Stack 52 is a bodyweight exercise card game. Play the game; get a great workout. You will never do the same workout twice. If the kids say, "I'm bored!" I can pull out this game. The variety maximizes muscle confusion and increases strength gains.  Most importantly, it’s fun and motivating.

The Deck Below Gives Tips:
  • Drink Water Before a Meal - To fill full faster.
  • Activate Your Glut-4 - Do 60 seconds of exercise before a meal, and 90 minutes after eating to help your food go towards the muscle cells over the fat cells.
  • Drank Too Much Alcohol - Having more than a couple alcoholic drinks in 1 week is hard to burn off. Drink in moderation. Obviously the kids won't be drinking alcohol, but we drink every once in awhile.
All these cards have + points, and - points. There's way more cards in the deck. I just gave you 3 examples.

The other decks below are more exercise related. They explain what the exercise does for you.

Games can be played in as little as 5 minutes. If you can find 5 minutes a few a day, you can be fit, lean, and strong. Play by yourself or play with your friends and family. Challenge and motivate each other. Get fit and strong together.

You control the difficulty. There are cards for beginners, and the most difficult cards will challenge even the elite. The exercises are easy to learn. Each card has a picture, written description, and a QR code/link to a video of Sergeant Volkin demonstrating the exercise. There's also a lot of videos on their website that you can just check out.

I'm glad I got this set. It doesn't take up a lot of room, and it's fun to make exercise into a game, instead of a chore that no one wants to do.

What kind of exercises do you enjoy doing?

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Masshole Mommy said...

I workout pretty much every day, but walking is my favorite form of exercise.

~ Noelle said...

Thanks for this review!!! Perfect for mothers day / fathers day!
Think I might know what to get Marc now!!!

Harry Flashman said...

That's a very meticulous review. I would imagine a lot of troops embarked on amphibious shipping use this system.
I have an elliptical and I try to use it every other day, at least.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

wooow...look at those cards..something that we need at home :). I enjoy walking, swimming and yoga, while my hubby loves cycling so much, which, unfortunately is not my thing. But these card game will make you healthy..

Eat To Live said...

I need to keep my core strength up. If I don't I have really bad back problems.
I have been doing a lot of reviews for exercise DVDs on my blog.


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