Sunday, May 3, 2015

Acrylic Paint Set By Color Gallery Review

I love Acrylic Paint Set By Color Gallery to review. These are sold by: Ander Blake Company

You can buy this set of acrylics on Amazon for $24.99 - on sale for $13.95.

The set comes with a wide arrange of color. There's 12 colors to be exact:

Titanium White | Mars Black | Lemon Yellow | Medium Yellow | Yellow Ochre | Burn Umber | Light Green | Forest Green | Blue Lake | Scarlet Red | Crimson | Midnight Blue 

I can tell when paint is cheap when it looks chalky, or see through - companies add white, or a filler of clear paint. This brand isn't cheap! The paint is thick. 

 Painted Wooden Glasses

I bought plain wooden glasses in the clearance section at a craft store. The boys wanted to paint them. Mica was set on making his purple, and Isaak wanted his to be grey. I tried talking them into having a different color for the rims, or adding hardware bling, but they would have it.


We started out talking about mixing colors. Mica wanted his glasses to be purple. I asked him what two colors makes a good purple? He answered right, red and blue. I told Mica that Midnight Blue and Crimson make a great purple.

Isaak wanted his glasses to be grey. I asked Isaak if he wanted a flat grey using Titanium White and Mars Black, or a blue grey by adding Blue Lake to the mix? He wanted a flat grey.

The color comes out looking just like the color shown on the tube. The paint is thick, buttery and easy to mix.

Then I had a discussion about how it's important to not get paint all the way up through the bristles with Isaak. That's hard on the brush. It loosens the glue, which holds the bristles in.

Like I said the paint is nice and thick, so touch up was minimal. 

Finished Glasses

Isaak said, "I have to have lenses Mom!" I took a plastic apple container and cut the bumps off for Isaak's lenses. I'll show more of these photos later this week.

Acrylic Paint Set By Color Gallery is a wonderful introductory set, people that want to try out painting, or people that paint every once in awhile. There's a wide range of colors, and the paint is great quality.

You can use them to paint on canvas, fabric, wood and more.
For people that paint regularly, on a bigger scale I'd buy bigger tubes.

I love the vibrate quality of the color!

What color would you use first?

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Ai Sakura said...

Hate it when the paint is too watery! Thanks for reminding me not to get the paint too high up the bristles. Gotta remind Lil Pumpkin when I paint with her too :)

What kind of brushes would you recommend for painting? Synthetic or animal hair?

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Masshole Mommy said...

Your boys are so cute in their glasses!! I love it.

mail4rosey said...

I like that the paint is thick. I would definitely use the orange first. Makes me hungry for one of the cuties I have in the 'fridge :)

~ Noelle said...

I bet you LOVED this review :)
I would probably go with LEMON YELLOW for my color, since that is my mood today :)

Sarah said...

I know what you mean by chalky or watery paints. I'll definitely have to check these out!

Theresa Mahoney said...

The paint does look like it covered really well! I hate it when I have to use a ton of paint for adequate coverage. I bet you don't have to do that with this set!

The boys look so adorable in their glasses!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

they look awesome! I just got one for the kids but with less colors...they just love them so much and the house is a bit messy with their colorful works :)

Eat To Live said...

That is a really great deal on those paints. We have a project we could use those for with my Grandson


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