Sunday, May 31, 2015

Science Fair

The boys had a Science Fair a few months ago. High school kids go around, and judge the different age groups. 

I helped Isaak with Dancing Raisins: Raisins put in clear soda to dance up and down. We tested water only to see that they didn't dance at all. 

Dad helped Mica with the Electromagnetism: A copper coiled wire, a AAA battery, and magnets on each side to make the battery travel though the wire.

We help the boys gather their stuff, and look up the reasoning behind their experiments. Then they have to write it all on paper themselves. I have them trace their writing in Sharpie, so the judges can see it. They tape everything down on their boards. I cringe at the tape showing, but keep quiet, and let them do it. 

On the last day of school the kids find out if they were winners, or not. Right after the Science Fair Isaak said, "No one came to look at my experiment!" Mica said, "Several people did the same experiment as me!" We thought their experiments were flops at the fair anyhow. 

Mica won 1st place, and Isaak won 2nd place! I'm proud of them because they do most of the work!

Isaak also got a certificate for completing 1st grade. 

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