Friday, June 12, 2015

All Week I've Been Out of Touch

All week I haven't remembered what day it is. Every day has felt like it's Friday. 

At the end of the day on Tuesday I realized that we had an all day Teacher In-Service and Potluck on Wednesday. Usually I'm a part of planning the In-Service. Somehow this year I was off the hook with that duty. I'm horrible about checking my work email in the summers! Usually I make something fun for the potluck. This year I bought things.  

Work is odd this year. I don't have summer school for once. Our Education Director wanted to be done with that job title. She still wanted to stay on with teaching, but to hire someone else they needed more work. She's gone. Then our web instructor has wanted to be closer to home (6 hours away), so he quit. Then the boss' brother is on the line for quitting. He's buying land in Missouri. All of this feels odd. We're small, we depend on each other, and it makes me sad. I was annoyed that I was asked to sign my contract, and the boss' brother got more time to sign his. Family dynamics are real in work, but families never like to admit it. I keep thinking that it could be a positive. What if I love the new people?  

It's still been rainy here. The office next to me is leaking. Flat roofs leak like crazy. Yes they've had someone out to fix the problem. The trouble is, is that it never gets fixed.

Travis insisted that the boys pick out their own clothes this week. Mica came out of his room wearing sporty shorts, a dressy shirt, white socks and tennis shoes Wednesday. Thursday Isaak looked like the picture above. Yes I made them change. They've had places to go. They are not walking out of the house dressed like that.

I've been picking berries every night this week, and got 3 Mosquito bites in one spot on my arm. More than it itching, it just feels weird. It's all bumpy, red and hot. It reminds me of getting allergy shots - that reaction I'd get. Anyhow because it's so weird I'm starting to worry about it. It's not like normal bites that I've had. Then I feel like I'm over reacting.

On Wednesday I I double booked myself on Saturday. One of the things I wanted to go to, but I can't now. Boo! :( I'll still go, just not on the opening night of an art show that my silly dogs are in. I painted 4 wooden dogs - I'll share the others later. I've shared 1 already.

My sister Terra fell on the curb, and broke her foot earlier this week. My parents only have our kids twice a week, but that day they had our 2 + my 4 nephews! I got on Mica for not helping with lunch. He's pretty helpful when you ask him, but only when asked. Then I got on my parents for not asking him to help. Really Mica and his Cousin Evan should have been on sandwich duty, Isaak and his Cousin Elijah should have been loading up the plates, and pouring drinks. My parents just let them watch TV. Then they let them choose what they want for lunch. I'm like, "You're eating what I give you." HA HA Maybe that's the difference between parents and grandparents. 

Not really a bad week, just an off one.


Masshole Mommy said...

Oh no, your poor sister. I broke my foot 9 year ago and I never even knew it was broken. It happened at work, so they made me go to the doctor and I was SHOCKED when he told me my foot was broken in 2 places.

~ Noelle said...

Wow. Sounds like an off week for sure... hope it gets better... is there any possible job opening that Travis would be good at?

Theresa Mahoney said...

Awe, you should have let him wear the socks. I LOVE them, and would have totally worn them out of the house ;)

Eat To Live said...

LOL... I used to make my Daughter eat what I gave her too. But... the grandkids, I would let them choose sometimes.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I hope things get better.. Especially your sister and her foot.

Charlie said...

Definitely sounds like an off week but thankfully a new one started :) I have had two in a row so hopefully you don't! XO


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