Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Picking Berries

Just about every day now there are more June berries ripe enough to pick a bowl full. 

I went out with the boys to have them help me pick the berries. 

This is how HELP pans out:

Isaak: "I want to be on the step ladder!" 

Mica: "No I want to be on the step ladder!"

They both somehow ended up on the step ladder. They were up there, and no berries were being picked. Danger was unfolding. 

I glanced over at them (remember I was picking berries), I could see one of them falling, so I demanded that they both get down.

Mica: "Fine I'm going in the middle of the tree to pick berries." 

That was fine and dandy until Isaak thought it was a great idea to go in the middle to. I looked over their way, and Isaak was climbing our June berry bush. It really is a bush, but looks more like an ornamental tree.

I said: "Absolutely not! Get down you little punk!" 

Isaak said, "But I was getting better berries up there."

I looked down at his bowl, and he had 8 tiny berries in it.

I said, "No climbing!"
Next the boys decided it would be fun to chase each other around the bush, which looks more like tree. At this point I was on the step ladder.

I'm pretty sure the neighbor's loved hearing me go off on my children. 

That's what it's like picking berries with 2 energetic boys.

My boys are helpful with some things, but berry picking is not one of them! They like multiple quicker tasks. Nether boy has the attention to do one task for a long period of time.


Cascia Talbert said...

Sounds like you had quite the adventure! What kind of berries are those?

Harry Flashman said...

It's still fun, even if not particularly productive. We used to go down to the creek and pick blackberries when mine were that age. We had an old yellow tomcat who always went with us. He checked the bushes for rattlesnakes and copperheads.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I wish we had some Juneberry bushes here. I'd love to try them someday. We do get a lot of blackberries in the summer though!

The Cranky said...

What will you do with all those Juneberries?

I picked a lot of berries as a child... ate most of 'em as well. Not much more helpful, but definitely fun!

Masshole Mommy said...

There are no June Berries here in MA. I don't even think we can get imported ones.

But it is strawberry picking season here & we are going on Sunday!

Eat To Live said...

Boys will be boys and climbing trees seems to be part of it.

~ Noelle said...

Lol, boys and trees :)

Charlie said...

So are you saying you did't get much help from those tree/bush climbing boys of yours? haha. You make the best june berry jam so I know they are all looking forward to it. Maybe tell them the story about the hen baking bread that no one wants to help with anything until it was time to eat it.


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