Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Curriculum Night

Last Thursday we went to the boy's school for Mica's Curriculum Night.

We started in Mica's classroom. His classroom has small exercise balls that they sit on. I asked him if he likes them? He said, "Of course." I couldn't imagine sitting on one all day, but all his friends like them to. I heard that they are good to sit on.

Isaak was extra bouncy. What little kid wouldn't be if they were sitting on an exercise ball for the first time in a classroom?

We played a multiplication game. Isaak said, "Mom I got this!" He hasn't learned multiplication in school, but understands it. Sure enough he got it. I think Mica's teachers were impressed.

Only a few other students showed up in Mica's grade. I was disappointed about that.

We moved to another classroom to do another classroom activity. In the 5th grade classroom we played a science game. After we were done we walked out.

One of the 5th grade teachers said to (I'll call him A), "Can I ask you why are you so short? Your Mom is tall, and so is your Dad." 

His Mom covered and said, "He'll sprout up. He's just not there yet. We have tall people on both sides of the family."

A didn't say anything.

I was standing behind them, and could see he was upset. 

Isaak was in front of all of them. He turned around and said in a stern voice, "Don't you know...A doesn't like that!"

I know the teacher heard Isaak, but I don't know if it sunk in her head what he was talking about. 

The teacher said, "What did he say?" 

I said, "A doesn't like to be called short."

A left during the next station. We knew why he left. We know that he doesn't like being called short. He's in 4th grade, and is the same height as his sister who is in Isaak's grade - 2nd grade. They get ask if they are twins all the time. 

Of course this teacher didn't know the back story on all this. I know she didn't purposefully try and hurt his feelings. Boys in particular get self conscious about their height. With girls it's cute. I don't think we should have to watch everything we say, but that's kind of like asking, "Why are your eyes so slanted?" or "Why is your skin so dark when you're Mom and Dad's skin is so light?" I think some people do not think before they talk. Teachers especially should watch what they say, before they say what's on their mind. 

So on our way out of the school the boys talked about how they don't want that teacher. Not a good taste in their mouths for the night. Guess what? They may get that teacher. 

I told Isaak that I was proud of him for sticking up for A. Isaak's always been sensitive towards others feelings. I love that part of him! 

I told Mica to not bring up what happened, or ask A why he left because it might make him feel bad.

The next day A's Dad (he works at the school) called Isaak over and thanked him for standing up for A. He gave him a high 5.

A said to Mica, "Did you hear what that teacher said to me last night?" Mica said, "Yes." A said, "Did you hear what Isaak said?" Mica said, "Yes." A said, "I'm so glad your brother said what he said."

PS on Facebook someone said I should have asked the teacher, "Why are you so old?" OMG I was cracking up! That would have been hilarious!  


~ Noelle said...

How awesome is Isaak for that??? I'm proud of him... it's great he stood up for someone else. Shame on the teacher, people need to think before they speak.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Way to gooo Isaak.. As a teacher, i guess she needs to be a bit more sensitive

Theresa Mahoney said...

Good for Isaak for speaking up. I hope that's a trait he has through his whole life!

mail4rosey said...

My son wanted the teacher who had those ball seats last year. He didn't get her though. Turned out okay, he still ended up w/a great teacher. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh no.. why would a teacher ask something like that? Insensitive, much? It's a good thing your kiddo was there. Good on him! That's great :)

Masshole Mommy said...

I love that Isaak spoke up! What a great kid you have there.

Eat To Live said...

LOL... maybe you should have ask her why she was so old. It would shut her up real quick.


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