Friday, October 2, 2015

Random Tid Bits

  1. I've been hearing the student's complain about a teacher. I'd rather this information came out in his evaluations, or the students could complain to the higher ups, then I say anything. I haven't seen him sleeping in class. Supposedly he gets his two classes confused, and falls asleep in class.

    I was sitting in the break room, and the sleeping, confused teacher drifted off. I got up to get ready for class, and later was walking back towards the break room. The teacher woke up and said, "Oh why didn't you wake me up?" I said, "I would have. I'm not out of here yet." I was thinking, How is it my responsibility to wake your ass up? I really wouldn't of been so cruel to let him keep sleeping through his own class.

  2. Picture day was last week. I let the boys pick out a few shirts, then we picked between them.

    Mica wanted to put his hair in a ponytail. We told him, "No!" It wasn't long enough. Mica said, "What should I wear for my pants?" I said, "It doesn't matter. All the photographer will photograph is your torso." Mica said, "But I want to look good for the ladies."

    Isaak said, "Can I wear a tie with my shirt for pictures?" I said, "I don't care." He comes out of his room with a snowman tie wrapped around his neck and said, "How about this one?" Travis and I both said, "No!" Mica said, "Isaak come on don't be tacky!"

  3. Mica was selected to go to the zoo to study Lemurs. I guess only 2 people per class were selected in 4th, 5th and 6th grades. Of course the girl that Mica likes was selected as well. Mica asked last night, "Can S come over to study Lemurs with me?" I said, "Why? Do you have to write a report? Do you have a quiz? What are you studying for?" He didn't know. I said, "Figure out what's expected of you first. I'll get books at the library on lemurs, I'll look up websites for you on them as well, and you can study them yourself. S can study them on her own." 

  4. Source

  5. Travis and I were talking about how we like a lot of Mica and Isaak's friend's parents, but we'd never choose to hang out with them if given a choice. Mica stopped our conversation and said, "Dad if you feel so strong about this I can give you Mrs. Axetell's name and number. She can spend some time talking with you." She's their school's councilor. 

  6. Mica said, "Mom can I speak to you in private?" I said, "Ya what's up Mica?" Mica said, "Um I have candy in my pocket from my teacher. I don't want Isaak to know." I said, "Ok. Take the garbage out, and eat your candy outside afterwards." Mica said, "That sounds like a great plan Mom."

    When I heard, "Can I speak to you in private..." I thought it was going to be something a little more intense. I thought possibly he kissed the girl he likes.
What's something random that has happened to you this week, or last?


Theresa Mahoney said...

I don't like hanging out with the parents of my girl's friends. There is one though that will come to Allison's track meets or will invite us over to ride snow mobiles that I don't mind. The rest, I just prefer to keep it separate since eventually, they usually outgrow friends and I don't want to get stuck in the middle if a friendship ends badly.

The Cranky said...

Hmmm, had a random jolt of energy last night and spent the night 'preserving the harvest'.

~ Noelle said...

I know you guys know this...
But you have some really smart and sweet boys!

Masshole Mommy said...

My stepson wore a suit and tie for school pictures a few years in 8th or 9th grade. He looked absurd going into school like that LOL.

Eat To Live said...

I wonder if the teacher has some health issues that he is falling asleep in class.


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