Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dear Isaak,

You turn 8 years old today. 

For your birthday you didn't really know what you wanted. I got you a scooter, a few building toys and we picked out flowers at Trader Joes.

Roses are something you wrote on a list for me. I wanted to get you a Lego rose, but found out it's not something that you put together. It's already assembled, and glued.

You are the type of kid that would box up all your toys just to give them to someone else.

It's great except that you expect everyone else to be just like you.

You are a very giving child. You gave me a flower for my hair on Mother's Day, along with a card, and coupons that you made sure I used.

Things you enjoy:
  • listening to Mica's stories
  • Telling jokes
  • Playing basketball
  • Playing outdoors
  • Cutting paper up
  • Eating: Mac and Cheese and Chocolate are your favorite foods. I'm making Mac and Cheese for dinner, since I hardly make it.
  • Board games
  • Playing games on your Kindle
  • Pokemon: I know nothing about it. It became popular after I grew up. If anyone understands how to play Pokemon I'm all ears. He's into it, I've watched videos on how to play it, and I don't get it.
You keep growing up and up. You're just now 8, but wear size 10 pants. Your features are still small, and you have a young sounding voice. You are just really TALL.

Things you dislike:
  • Having your picture taken - You were only good with these photos because you knew I was making a book for you.
  • When Mica doesn't want to play with you - You enjoy people.
  • Smoothies - You complain about my smoothies when I make them different every time. 
  • Kids that are rude at school - You have actually gotten in trouble because you try to correct other kids. 

Things you're better at this year:
  • Reading - You have to read a book every day at school. You may not love reading, but you're good at it now.
  • Writing stories
  • Riding your bike
  • Hanging up your clothes
  • Trimming your own nails
Right now you're in a really honest phase. You tell people exactly what you are thinking. I've talked to you about thinking positive in a given situation, and watch what you say to not hurt people's feelings. I thought you were getting it, but then you said at the end of our conversation, "Mom can we stop talking about this now. I don't get it."

Things you could improve on:
  • Wanting to read
  • Washing your hands - On your own accord.
  • Eating with your silverware - You can. You just choose not to. 

Mica both annoys you, and you look up to him. You both fight, and you're the best of friends. You'd say that Jacob is your best friend though.

I love you Zeek! Happy 8th Birthday!



Eat To Live said...

Happy Birthday Isaak... I have enjoyed watching you grow up.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Happy Birthday Isaak! You are turning into a fine young man. I can see why your parents are so proud of you!

~ Noelle said...

Awe. What a sweet and fun post. I am sure he had an amazing birthday.I love your comment about the silverware. Broxton wants it for everything... even when he doesn't need it. Ha ha haaa

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

happy happy birthdaaaay Isaak..such a sweet birthday letter, mommy. How they grow up so fast and becoming better person :)

Masshole Mommy said...

Hope he had a wonderful birthday! He is such a little cutie pie.


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