Monday, May 16, 2016

Follow Up of Swimming Lessons @Swimtastic_Swim

We just got done with swimming lessons at Swimtastic.

Super Swimming Lessons!

What I think...

I loved the fact that I could see progress with my kids in swimming. They actually got the strokes down that were being taught to them. The instructor is in the pool, and shows the kids the correct strokes.

Another place we had lessons at before said, "They'll get it eventually." There were times then that the coaches never even got into the water. I was super impressed that Swimtastic didn't take this approach.

Swimming lessons always started on time. That's a huge perk for me!

They have their rules posted. Not all kids shower before lessons. I feel like the staff should enforce that more. I wasn't sure what the rule was for lightening. There was a storm here. We called to see if they were still conducting lessons. They were. I'm not sure how safe that is.

They take more of a personal approach. There's a board in the hallway that has the instructor's name and picture on it. There's also a screen in the waiting room that has the instructor's pop up to see their names, and what their interests are. The screen wasn't always on, or working, but I liked when they had that going.

I liked how they have everything you need there. The boy's goggles were leaking, so we bought some at Swimtastic. The girl at the front helped us pick out the correct size, and adjusted them. They have shirts and bags to. 

I don't like that they have a glass counter full of junk food when it's a place to get fit. Snacks are great! Have nuts, seeds, and trail mix. There are healthier options for snacks. 

The Pool taken with my fisheye lens.

What does Mica think?

Mica was the least excited about starting up lessons. He was so into it once he began. Mica is actually bummed it is over.

He liked how Swimtastic works more one on one with him. He was really getting his strokes down! He was more serious about learning this time around. I don't know if it was the coach, the place, or possibly he's more mature.

There was only one thing that Mica didn't care for. His coach said that she'd have Mica's progress report one week, didn't have it, and had it the week after. Mica remembers stuff like that. I didn't think it was a big deal.

Pretending to hold his breath underwater. Taken with my fisheye lens.
What does Isaak think?

Isaak was excited to start swimming lessons. He laughed at every lesson.
He loved their flippers, and learning the frog kick.
Isaak did miss the previous place's deep end. Isaak loved how the place before would get out a pole, put it in the deep end, and he'd have to swim to reach the bottom. That apparently was his favorite part of swimming lessons. We heard about him missing this aspect of swimming lessons each and every time. He's at this stage where he thinks everything needs to be fun. The practical application is what I care about.

Taken with my fisheye lens.

Swimtastic is a hidden gem that's behind PE 101 in Omaha, Nebraska.

If you don't live in Omaha, Swimtastic is in other spots in the US: Lincoln, Nebraska | Captive, Florida | Fox Cities, Wisconsin | Waukesha, Wisconsin | Franklin, Wisconsin

Everyone was happy every time we went. The staff was eager to help.

Overall the kids enjoyed their lessons. Their skills really grew. I wanted to continue them. They are fairly pricy, and I have the summer booked with camps already.

Swimtastic also has birthday parties that you can book there.

It was a great experience overall!

Follow Swimtastic on twitter, and like their facebook page.

Disclaimer: I received free lessons for the purpose of this review. The opinions are 100% mine. 


Cascia Talbert said...

That looks like a fun swimming school!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

They sure look like they loved it!

Theresa Mahoney said...

It sounds like they really know how to treat their students! The boys really seemed to love their lessons.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

my kids love swimming as well..they never get a lesson but I guess we will..

~ Noelle said...

I need to find lessons for Savannah. Broxton took them from this lady back home, but she is moving, so that is no longer an option.
Glad you guys enjoyed and were able to see progress.


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