Friday, June 10, 2016

An Apel a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

An Apel a Day doesn't really keeps the doctor away.

On Monday I had my yearly doctor's appointment. I waited and waited and waited. During times like that I wonder why I show up early to appointments.

There were a few concerns that I really didn't need to bring up to this doctor, but did anyhow. I just don't go to the doctor very often. I might as well bring up whatever I can during my appointment.

  • I have a cyst above my eyebrow that I discovered. I guess it's nothing to worry about. I know how to get rid of them. Naturally I've put apple cider vinegar on some that I've gotten on my scalp, it burns the skin, but over time removed the cysts. I don't think I want to try apple cider vinegar in a spot where everyone can see. My skin would look pretty beat up in that spot.
  • I needed to tell her about my newest allergies - Ibuprofen. I have to take the empathy killing Tylenol if I have any pain. Then there was the pumpkin incident in the fall. I got cluster blisters just from touching pumpkin on cut. Steroid cream had to be applied to that. I'm odd! 

  • I had to get my allergy meds prescribed once again. Mostly my inhaler in case we go camping. 

  • I had to ask about when I need to get routine colonoscopy? My mom and my grandpa had precancerous polyps. I have to call about that. I just can't wait. It's something I need to do. I guess women don't usually start having those until they are 50, but lucky me I get to start really soon.
  • I hit 40 this year, so I get to start mammograms soon as well. 
What are somethings you have to watch out for in your family? We have heart issues, allergies, high cholesterol and polyps. Fun times! Not!

By the way - I was highly annoyed that I'm sitting there with only a robe on and socks. The doctor didn't even notice my Mona Lisa socks. I'm not really annoyed. I just would have noticed them.


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I love your socks! How fun. I had a mammogram last summer and it wasn't bad at all. Breastfeeding hurts a lot more! ;-) I have also had a a colonopscopy but I didn't have such a good experience with that.

~ Noelle said...

I love the socks!!!!!
You hit the big 4-0??? I did not know that.
Happy belated birthday (or did I tell you happy birthday, but just did not realize it was the 40th??)

mail4rosey said...

I noticed a store worker's socks who was helping me load. They were American flags. :) Our family has cancer... all through it on my mom's side, and a bit here and there on my dad's side.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I started having colonoscopies when I was 28. Supposed to get one every 2 years, but I let 5 years go by since the last one. Lucky me gets to have one in 2 weeks. I was supposed to get a mammogram this year, but I think my gyno forgot to set it up, then moved out of state. I need to find a new gyno and have them set me one up now. My grandma passed away from breast cancer in her early 40's, so I should be having them annually due to family history.


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