Friday, June 10, 2016

Gift Card Karma “Impacting Lives One Gift Card at a Time”

I'm super excited to share with you a nonprofit I discovered this year.

The nonprofit is called Gift Card Karma

The founder of Gift Card Karma believes that what you give, you get.  She also believes that great things are done when small things are brought together. 

What is Gift Card Karma? 

Gift Karma is a nonprofit organization that helps other local nonprofits. They collect unwanted gift cards, and donate them to organizations in need.

Did you know that the average U.S. household has over $300 in unused gift cards sitting in purses, wallets and desk drawers?  

Gift Card Karma’s mission is to connect unused or partially redeemed gift cards with small, local charities that use them to directly impact lives throughout our community.
  • A homeless shelter for pregnant women used gift cards from Babies R Us to purchase diapers and formula. 
  • A pet shelter for senior dogs used PetSmart gift cards to purchase dog food and shampoo.
  • Starbucks or Scooters gift cards have been used for a local safe house for homeless teens bought coffee for their kitchen. They've also been used for a horse riding academy for physically challenged children and vets used them to buy bulk coffee to serve to the 150 volunteers that work at their facility each week.

Below is a picture of my nephew Emerson at the same horse riding academy that Gift Card Karma helped supply gift cards to.

Gift Card Karma’s experience dealing with local charities ensures your contribution always supports a good cause. 

Got gift cards cluttering your purse, wallet, desk, and sock drawer?  

They are a valuable resource for those in need.  It’s easy to donate!

There is an option to upload a photo of your gift card. Please donate today at 

Visit Gift Card Karma on their website, their facebook page, and on their twitter page.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in anyway to write this post. I truly believe that Gift Card Karma is a great way to give back to our community. 


~ Noelle said...

This is such a great company!!!! I tell you this though. I am not one of the houses that has $300 in gift cards. LOL, I use those jokers! Down to the penny!!! ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa

mail4rosey said...

Emerson is braver than me. No way I'd get on a horse. :)

The company does sound awesome. What a smart way to use cards that might never get used up.

Theresa Mahoney said...

What an easy way to give back! I have a few gc in a drawer to stores that aren't close to me. I'll have to see about giving them to Gift Karma!


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