Friday, June 10, 2016

Yesterday I Took the Day Off

I had plans to do something fun with the kids yesterday. I called their best friends the night before to see if they could come over to do something special.

Mica's friend has teen siblings. For some reason I think his family thinks he's a teen to. He always hangs with them. They all have electronic devices of some sort. He's always busy hanging with a teen sibling. They never ask if any kid his own age can do anything. When we've called he's always busy with baseball, or hanging with a teen.

He was busy all day yesterday, next week, and after that they are going on vacation. I did get them to agree to have him come over yesterday evening.

Isaak's friend has a split family. They aren't divorced, but have been split up for at least 3 years. He lives with his Dad and Grandparents. I can talk to his Grandparents really well. His Dad never calls me back. I get the opposite feeling with him than I do the Grandparents. I can't talk to him. The Mom I've only seen at the Mother's Day breakfast at school. I guess she takes her son at random times, and doesn't tell anyone when she's bringing him back. Setting up playdates is hard with him to.

Why is it so hard to set up playdates compared to when I was a kid?

Thursday was a bust with friendships.

It's too bad because I like the kids that my son's consider friends.

I was going to take the kids someplace special, but they couldn't decide where to mutually go.

Isaak started being a pistol.

They lost the privilege to go play mini golf, to the Children's Museum, or a bounce house.

I didn't want to make the whole day a bust. We did go to the library to pick up season 2 of Webster.

We also stopped up at their school, and had lunch with some of their friends. The "government" offers free lunch for kids all summer long. We've never used this. We have plenty of money to supply our kids with lunch. The boys have been asking to go to school to have lunch. I figured this one time would be fine.

It was like they were rock stars. Isaak was greeted with hugs, and Mica was greeted with fit bumps. It was summer school kids that were up there.

One of Isaak's friends said, "Does this mean you are going to be joining me in summer school Isaak?" Isaak's like, "Nope!"

The principle thanked me for bringing our boys up to school. The cafeteria lady came out, and talked with me for a few minutes saying that she missed my boys.

They played on the playground.

We have a heat advisory here. It's now the south's turn to laugh at us like we do with them and the snow. It's in the 90s, which is high for right now. There are advisories on the news.


~ Noelle said...

It is so hot here. It say is 93, but feels hotter. Was just telling bexoton we need to be thankful for daddy. He works out in the heat all day. No air conditioning, to be able to provide for us.

That's great you took them to school to see their friends I bet everyone loved that

mail4rosey said...

It's hot here too. We did an outdoor adventure yesterday and made sure we went first thing in the morning so we could make it through. we were still drenched by the time we were done. Glad you got to head up to the school for lunch!

Kristi Maloney said...

Times have definitely changed. Everyone is working and straight-out busy. My kids never hang out with friends after school. We live in the boonies and getting kids together with friends is unfortunately a hassle. We have always made the effort to get the kids and their friends together at their birthday parties, so (at least) that is a good thing. Since I am home when they are, I am pretty flexible about them having friends over here. Otherwise, rare is the occasion that they go to a friend's house.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

NYC is hot but windy! It can be tricky some times and we are observing ramadhan as well..

Theresa Mahoney said...

I like my girl's friends. I am finding that most of their parents I really dislike. Some of their grandparents, too. One dad had me so pissed off last weekend that I accidentally called him a bad name in front of Allison. She said, "That's okay mom. I could tell you were getting really angry with the situation." I think parents these days have NO respect for other parent's time, or they think their kids can do no wrong.


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