Friday, June 24, 2016

Random Tid Bits

I was thinking about the differences from living in Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia to living in Omaha, Nebraska.

  1. In the south I heard, "Have a blessed day!" often. Here not even the most religious people say that. I have no clue why.

    We also don't say ya'll here in Nebraska. Drive 5 hours into Missouri, and you'll hear ya'll.

  2. We serve hot tea and iced tea in Nebraska. In Georgia it's only iced tea. Often times it's sweetened there to.

  3. In the south even the wealthy people might possibly have a roach problem. They are all over Georgia. In the midwest we have roaches to, but not everywhere. I remember standing outside for my night class in Savannah; I could just see the roaches scurry from the grass to the sidewalk.

    In Nebraska, since there are fewer roaches you are considered to be unclean if you have a roach problem in your house. 

  4. I was going to talk about Nebraska's lace of respect for different races, cultures, and religions. It's primarily filled with Catholic caucasians and Lutherans. What I wrote sounded so negative that I deleted it. Not all of Nebraska is raciest. If you come here it certainly stands out that there is a lot of white people. Different parts of Omaha are very separated. It's very different from the south with that. I encourage any one that lives in the midwest to travel to the south and visa vera. You'll understand what I'm writing about then.

    I do remember an Asian part to Atlanta. Everywhere has parts of town I suppose. I ended up there by a happy mistake. I was sized for a wedding dress. The lady couldn't speak English. She had me try on all these dresses. I got my wedding dress for $100! It was traditional looking dress, with pearl buttons all down the back.

  5. Nebraska is all about their college football team. Most other places are about their state football teams. I cringe when it's football season. I don't care for the sport at all. Men running into each other causing concussions, and brain injuries. My husband loves football. He gets annoyed with me when I bitch about it. Why does our news take up 1/2 its time with sports, when there's so much going on in the world? Why are they talking about football now when it's not football season yet? Our football team's mascot is a hick. Nebraska doesn't like to be referred to as having hicks that live here. Why is our mascot a hick then? It's so odd!

  6. Source
  7. Georgia has some places we don't have, but we have some places they don't have. I miss Georgia's DMVs. They were at their Kroger's. Kroger isn't Kroger here, it's Bakers. Here we just have a DMVs - not in grocery stores. They have long lines. 
  • Georgia has Waffle House, Nebraska doesn't
  • Georgia has Restoration Hardware, Nebraska doesn't
  • Nebraska doesn't have a Churches Chicken, Bojangle's, or Checkers. Chick-fil-a and Raising Cane's are newish here in Nebraska. It's hard for me to tell you whant Nebraska has that Georgia doesn't have because it's been so long, since I've been to Georgia. :( I can tell you that we have a lot of family owned places in Nebraska. 
What are some things that stand out where you live?


~ Noelle said...

The DMV used to be at Kroger???
They are all stand alone buildings and super long waits... unless you go online and do all the paperwork, then it sort of cuts down the wait time.
I had to go "change my address" that was it... nothing else... still had to wait a bit and get a new picture.

Veronica Lee said...

Thank God I don't live in Georgia! I have a phobia for roaches! Eeeeeeek!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Georgia sounds very similar to Kentucky in many regards :) they say "y'all" all the time!

Harry Flashman said...

Atlanta is a death trap these days. But Savannah, as long as you don't go into the wrong parts of town (about 80% of it) is nice. By the river, anyway. Tybee is great. My favorite beach although now that South Carolina has recognized Georgia's gun permits I am going to try some of their beaches.

Stephanie Faris said...

I've lived in Nashville all of my life and I don't drink sweet tea, hate grits, and never say y'all. I actually say "you guys" most of the time. I do have a Southern accent, though. I guess I'm just a rebel! (Oh, and I HATE country music!)

Theresa Mahoney said...

I love the southern way of living. We lived in South Carolina and Tennessee growing up and I still cling to some of my roots. I don't have a southern accent until I get mad, then you can hear some of the twang come out. I do say ya'll occasionally.

I am trying to convince Jason to move to a sleepy beach town in North Carolina or even Tybee Island when the girls are completely moved out. I'd probably like Savannah as well.

Roaches are bad in the south though. I remember seeing big ones crawling around Disney World last year and they freaked me out a bit.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

that's a long note, Alissa...That roaches thing, we have a lot here in NYC. And, sadly, rats, too...particularly in Manhattan :(


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