Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Some Chocolates For Your Anniversary

I've always thought that some people are a little too needy for Anniversaries, Valentines Day, and Mother's Day (Dad's somehow don't seem as needy). We already have a Birthday and Christmas for gifts.

I'm not saying that everyone should have my same outlook.

Around our house we pick a place to go out to eat at for those extra holidays. If I've gotten something to review I may wrap it up for Travis, or even have Travis wrap something up for me. There are some times where we'll go see a movie, but even that is pretty rare.

Our boys have never experienced huge gift exchanges between Travis and I.

Travis makes me jewelry at times. That's special when that happens. I'm not the type that needs a fancy diamond. I like ruby's, and pearls better than diamonds. Pearls are my alternative birthstone. I wear a lot of red, so that's where ruby's come in to the picture.

I never drool when the Every Kiss Begins the Kay commercials come on around Valentines Day. The commercialism annoys me to be honest. I'd rather have something that is a one of a kind/artist made.

We were in line at Target, and Mica always checks out the merch by the cash register. He reads the covers of the gossip magazines, and thinks everything that he reads is true. I have to correct him on that.

He said, "Mom what's that holiday called where people celebrate the time a year they were married?"

I said, "Oh that's called an Anniversary."

He said, "Ya that! This would make a perfect gift for that holiday. Don't you think?" - Pointing at a set of foiled chocolates.

The girl behind us was laughing.

I said, "Mica that would be perfect for me. Many girls would expect more than that for their Anniversary. You just need to get to know your girlfriend, or wife to understand what kinds of gifts she likes." 

Mica said, "Oh." 

Are you a big gift person? I'm not saying that I'm not at all. I like a little something. The chocolates would actually work for me. :) I love picking out great presents for my kids, nephews and nieces. Kid gifts are fun!


Harry Flashman said...

No, we aren't big gift people. We usually go out to dinner on our anniversary. We don't buy presents on our birthdays but we acknowledge them together.

Actually, the only time I used to buy a lot of presents for my wife was when I went out on floats. I always bought her jewelry from the countries I went to. Gold and turquoise from Turkey, pearls from Majorca, Wedgwood cameos from the UK, that kind of thing.

When the ships came in and offloaded the troops, a regular pirates horde came ashore with them, as everyone did the same thing and brought home gifts for the wife or girlfriend.

~ Noelle said...

I am not a BIG gift person, but I do love a gift of some sort.
Card/ chocolate/ flowers.. something to acknowledge it.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Jason and I aren't big on gifts for each other. We tend to buy what we want throughout the year and we don't really like to eat out much, so gift type holidays we try to skim over. We do buy ourselves something small for the girls to give us because they do think gifts are fun, but like Terry said on Facebook, giving a gift just to give one is a little silly.

mail4rosey said...

I go all out for the kids for Christmas. Other than that, we're pretty low-key.

Masshole Mommy said...

We don't do gifts for our anniversary and for Christmas, we do a joint gift. Like last year we bought a new tv. We do gifts for birthdays though :)

Terra Heck said...

I've actually received Ferrero Rocher chocolates as a gift several times. They're my favorite chocolates.


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