Thursday, June 23, 2016

Unwanted Trees

1 neighbor had a guy take a tree down. It just so happened that they cut it down on the day we had May birthdays. He chopped it once, and it lay there. It's been laying there, since May 28.

I happened to see one of our neighbors, and politely asked about the stump in their front yard and big tree laying in their backyard. She doesn't know what they'll do with the stump. The big tree in the back they were waiting for the guy to come back after he sharpened his blade.

Right after our conversation our neighbor decided it was a great idea to mow his yard. He kept getting sticks caught in the mower. I was beginning to think he'd never get his mower working again at one moment.

The guy with the saw just came this morning (June 23) to I hope finish the job. I'm not sure the job will get done.

The guy was sawing with no eye protection, no ear protection, and no yard gloves with a dull blade.

Our other neighbors have a tree that was planted before they moved in. It's gown into the lines, pushes on our retaining wall, and almost all of its leaves fall into our driveway in the fall. We've had people come out to move the lines away from branches. The wall needs to be replaced, but we don't want to with the tree pushing on the wall.

We took 2 trees down when we moved in. An Oak Tree was wonderful, but not so wonderful for our font yard. Had it been in the back yard we would have left it. A tree in the backyard came down because it was 1/2 dead. We've planted many to replace the ones we took down.

Do you have any unwanted trees in or around your yard?


Masshole Mommy said...

I have 2 huge pine trees in my front yard and that's where those pesky stink bugs live. I love my trees, but have been thinking about getting rid of them so that so many stink bugs don't get in my house.

~ Noelle said...

Yeah, I don't know about replacing the wall with that tree there.
Good luck with that one.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I'm surprised the city doesn't cut that tree down with it on the power lines like that. Ours came out and cut down 2 trees from our yard that were just too close, then trimmed back a few others.


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