Thursday, October 27, 2016

School Conferences

This is the last year for us to go to one single teacher at conferences for Mica. Our little man will be going to middle school next year. Get this...he thinks he's an adult because he can order an adult meal.

This is Mica's superhero:

He has an, "8" on his superhero not because he's 8 years old, but because it's his favorite number. 

Mica loves to read for sure. Even at meal time he's found reading the junk mail, and lately the school policy book. If you ever wonder who really reads that stuff, Mica does. 

He's doing great in school. 

He needs to ask more questions when he doesn't get things. We heard this last year as well. I keep reminding him that we all struggle with certain things. He's good in math, but struggles with it the most over any other area in school.

In band he has a B. It's his only B. I told him, "You're a newbie. Just don't say, 'I don't need to practice because I've got this.' You do need to practice just like everyone else in band." 

When I was a kid my parents got a babysitter to watch over us, while they went to conferences. It's not like that anymore. Mica sat out in the hallway, but Isaak opted to come in with us when it was time for his conferences. Isaak's teacher had him fill out what he thinks he needs to work on, and what he thinks that he does really well.

Isaak's doing great too. I went right into Isaak's plethora of empathy. He's not an all time crying kid. He certainly doesn't like it when kids bully. Even when other kids besides him are getting treated badly, it bothers him. Isaak only wants to be friends with good kids. I have always told the boys that other kids go through things that are horrible in their little lives. We don't need to be friends with everyone, but need to respect everyone. 

Travis was a little annoyed that I talked to the teacher about that stuff way longer than his grades. His grades were good. He does well over all academically. 

Isaak does love to write. He writes pages and pages for his stories. It's neat to see that at his young age he has a different style of writing than Mica. Mica likes to mix fact with fiction. Mica's a detailed person that doesn't think about flowing one part of a story to another part. Isaak likes fiction. Isaak's writing flows, is super descriptive, and he spells phonetically like I do at times. 

Isaak's teacher does a lot of group work, but makes it so that everyone in their group has to participate in the activity. She has A person does this, B person does that, and C person completes this. They can help each other in the process.

I always heard the male teachers I work with complain about conferences. Travis and I happen to enjoy going to them.  


~ Noelle said...

I like them as well, especially since it's hard to get out of Broxton what all they are going over in school.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Sounds like they are both doing great! I am honestly glad that I don't have to do conferences with my girls anymore. It used to make me so mad that I'd take time out of my day, drive over, then they would say, "Oh, the girls are doing great. No issues". Really? I came all this way for a 20 second chat?

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

we haven't had's coming soon..


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