Monday, February 20, 2017

Is the US the BEST Place to Live?

When I went to grad school in Savannah, Georgia I got into a conversation with a mix of people. One thing I loved about Savannah College of Art and Design is that they recruit from all over the place. I quickly learned that not all of my friends thought the US was the best place to live. It was just a place to live. Savannah is beautiful. I wonder what they'd think of the midwest?!

I watched a show this weekend that made me think about that conversation I had many moons ago with friends from all over once again. In the show many countries were interviewed about their thoughts on the US. Many said that if we could just get past the fact that we think we're so great, open our eyes to other countries and what they're doing; we'd do better. I could see their point.

I was discussing the movie I saw with a group of people. The majority of the people I work with are fairly closed minded. They know what they know, and they don't want to talk about it. Very opposite to most artist types. A few of them told me that the US is the best place to live. Keep in mind that they've never been outside the US, except for one that I know of; she lived on a military base as a child.

I believe that there is yin and yang everywhere. Even here. Where there's good - there's also bad. There is no perfect place. I'm not saying that the US is bad. I just don't believe that it's the BEST place. In my mind there isn't a BEST place. I believe that every place has it's ups and downs. When you go up a slide you have to go down one somehow.

The Washington Post - if you want to call that real news had an article about Germany being the best place to live. The US was ranked 4th. Again I feel like most places have their ups and downs.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the US is the best place to live? Do you think we have ups and downs just like everywhere else?


Theresa Mahoney said...

I'm sure every country has its good and bad side. I'd actually love to travel the world actually "live" in each place for a year to really get a feel for different ways of life. New Zealand would be my first stop, then Ireland. Norway and Iceland would be amazing too! However, I think the US is the best place to live because my family is here. And, I think that overall we have a really awesome mix of people and the American spirit is a really beautiful thing.

An Apel a Day said...

All so true Theresa! I think Iceland would be my first stop. I heard there's a lot of art culture there. Although I'm not a huge lover of the cold. I could overlook it for the art.

Mandy said...

Germany is amazing, but I do love America (not necessarily the current one). I love that it is a melting pot and that you have so many different cultures all in one place. There is nothing better than taking a trip to NYC and having a million (exaggeration) different cuisines all on one block. Then getting to talk to people who are visiting from all over – most of whom think America is amazing and it's their dream to visit! But Germany offers great careers, the opportunity to attend higher education for everyone, more energy efficient, and easier access to other languages/countries/cultures. So, yeah … I agree there is good and bad with every country. I just wish US citizens had more opportunities to travel and interact with "others" to realize that we are far from the "best" and that not everyone wants to live here. We need to continue improving in every way from stem jobs, equality, becoming more energy efficient, etc…


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