Friday, February 3, 2017

Random Tid Bits

  1. Lately every shirt Mica puts on is too short in the sleeves and the torso. I had him try on all of his shirts just when it started getting cool. 

  2. This is the last time he wore the shirt below. It fits Isaak perfectly. I may stop by Old Navy to pick up some shirts this weekend. Mica's closet is looking bare.

  3. I've been feeling down in the dumps lately.

    Maybe it's the lack of sunlight. I forget to take Vitamin D3.

    Months ago I got a cold, it went into asthma. All day I feel pretty good, but at night it kicks in. I just can't seem to kick it! I imagine I'm not doing well on sleep.

    Government everything has me nervous. CREATE JOBS and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. All I see is jobs going away: The National Endowment for the Arts funding and other art program funding is going bye bye. It may not effect you. It certainly effects my family and friends. I went to art openings, and it's like a cloud of sadness in the crowd. What happened to the government supporting the arts? In the Great Depression they hired artists to stimulate the economy. Artists and acting jobs are being cut. Journalism is degraded, not trusted and cut. Three main stations are slanted one way, and another station is slanted the other way. Science isn't trusted it seems. Parks funds are getting striped down, and freedom of speech taken away. Teachers are bashed, and not respected. Health insurance was a mess, now it's in major limbo. Many health care workers will loose their jobs. Don't try being a freelancer, or work in a small business like my husband and I do. If you are in the military, dig for oil, build walls, work in the food industry, or work on cars you're ok. Good for you!

  4. I'm beginning to hate the terms, "Left Wing" and "Right Wing" because they are used so negatively. It's like a title when you want to slam someone, "That ghetto person", or "That left wing freak over there." We're people! The only time I use race is to describe a person in a good way. I said just last weekend, "I just love that really dark skin that person has. It's so neat looking." I've referred to Albinos being really interesting too.

  5. My kids have a lot of Muslims that go to school with them. Guess what? Many of them are nicer than others. The ones that come from Africa have a real sense of family. They do things together. I respect them for that. Think what you want, but we've had more white so called Christians attack people than we have Muslims. It's really hard when my kids see the news and ask questions about what's going on. Quite frankly I was nice and quiet. Now I feel like shouting from the roof tops. 

  6. Around Christmas a really nice guy called a fire in that was at a local plant nursery in town. He got a $1,000 gift card from them. He proceeded to donate the money to nonprofits because he was that kind of a person.

    Two weeks later he was working at his job at a gas station. A guy came in when he was closing. The guy wanted to buy chewing tobacco. The nice worker said, "Sorry man I already have the cash register closed for the night. You'll have to go somewhere else to buy it." The not so nice guy waited out back for the cashier to leave. He ran him over with his truck, and killed him. The nice man has a young daughter he left behind. :(

    The punk left the scene. He went on to sell houses - a real estate agent. Well the prick was found! His truck had specific markings on it that were caught on film. Way to go Omaha Police Department. The police have gotten such a bad wrap; understandably so. I thought I'd give them credit where credit is due.  

  7. I told my kids this weekend, "I want you both to know that no matter what your views are when you are older, no matter what religion you are or aren't we'll love you regardless. You need to be able to back up what you feel. Sources certainly help. The US was and should be about freedom of speech and thought. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us." 


Theresa Mahoney said...

Someone once told me that calling a human "albino" is actually a derogatory phrase. I had no idea! My sister dated a Muslim in high school. He was a real jerk. He was born and bred here in the USA. I have Muslim friends that live in Turkey and they couldn't be nicer. I met one boy on Instagram (think he was trying to hit on me until I told him I was old enough to be his mom lol) but oddly enough, we've developed a really lovely friendship this past year and have a lot in common despite our age and religious differences. Goes to show that anyone from any race can be a jerk or turn out real nice, doesn't matter if they are US citizens or coming from a Muslim country. I am all for proper vetting of immigrants, but once they are through, they deserve to live freely among the rest of us.

An Apel a Day said...

Theresa I had a student that is an albino. She embraced it, but that may not be all of them. I'll have to watch what I say with that I guess.

I agree that immigration needs work. I'm just not keen on treating others that are already here so poorly.

Terra Heck said...

I don't trust any part of the government or any politician. They may be honest going in, but they won't be going out.

An Apel a Day said...

I'm so with you Terra! Sadly!

~ Noelle said...

That about the guy getting killed is so sad. its like the nice things done just don't matter these days.
marc dropped off some donations I gathered up and as he stopped at a store for coffee, someone tried to pick pocket him.
Another time, my mom donated a bunch of things to the tornado vicitims... as she was headed to drop it off, she got in a wreck. :0


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