Saturday, February 4, 2017

You Rule #Valentines

Last year the kid's principle sent out a letter asking for parents to try and not send candy for treats.

I spotted rulers 1/2 off after the school sales in the fall. I bought a ton! Enough for two classrooms of kids + more.

On Pinterest there was ruler Valentines. I thought I'd try something similar with my own spin on it:

I brought them all home to cut them out. Sure enough I got eye rolls from every boy in the room. Travis, "Really you're going to do that for their Valentines?" Isaak, "Mom kids like candy not rulers!" Mica, "Ya that's pretty lame Mom!" 

I refused to cut them out. I let 55 print outs sit on the floor for probably 3 days. Travis said, "Aren't you going to do anything about those?" I kind of looked around like I couldn't see what he was talking about for a moment. It reminded me of that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond when their suitcase sat on the stairway for a few weeks, and Debora acted like she didn't see it. 

Just Watch the First Few Minutes

After a minute he repeated his question. Pointing at the Valentines. I said, "You can go buy some. I'm done trying to please you guys." Pitty Party

I do have a way of guilty people without meaning it. I mean seriously though. I bought them, designed them, printed them, and then they boo boo the whole idea. 

Travis cut about 1/2 of them out. Then he said, "You should just slide a lolly pop in right here." Isaak said, "That's a great idea! They just don't want peanut anything, so no chocolate or peanut butter." 

I got 2 packages of lolly pops, and we were good.

Isaak was more the helper! Mica hides in his room, so he can escape from helping. Mica will help if I ask. I took photos of Mica's Valentines because his had the lolly pop on all the same side + we did his last, so they were lined up all nice for a photo. 

I know they won't fit in the kid's boxes, but they are fun and different. 

Do you pass out Valentines? 

I give my own family (including me) a small box of chocolates. I was going to get Mica a Hello Kitty box because it's a running joke that he likes her. He really doesn't. I like Hello Kitty though. Then I saw that the Hello Kitty chocolate boxes were a few dollars more, and didn't have the variety as a bigger plain box did. There you have it - we're all getting plain heart mixed chocolate boxes. 

I print off an online Valentine for my students. They seem to light up when they walk into the lecture hall to see a Valentine and heart candy at their desk. Whatever makes them happy. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

I think they turned out great! We haven't done class Valentine's here for about 3 years since Allison started middle school. I miss doing things like this for the class. So sweet that you give your students something too ♥

~ Noelle said...

Those are great. I was actually going to do these for Broxton's class... but then decided nope. We went the easy way with a box of cards . ha hahaaaaaaaaa

Terra Heck said...

I really like that Valentine's idea. Very creative.


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