Friday, March 24, 2017

Random Tid Bits

  1. Isaak said to me, "Mom I found out something that Benjamin knows the same as me!" Benjamin his friend from Argentina. I asked, "What's that Isaak?" He said, "He knows Indiana Jones. I started humming it, and he hummed it right along with me." Isaak was pretty excited about that.

  2. Mica went from not wanting to try anything, to wanting to try just about everything that comes his way. Before Spring Break, "Mom can I try volleyball? Aiden says it's just for girls, but it says nothing on here about it being just for girls." I read the memo and said, "Sure." Well I thought it was just at school; teaching them the sport. Just the other day I got a letter saying that the teacher will drop them off at other schools, and we have to pick them up. This kid is also in Chess Club, another round for Read to Succeed, band and he wanted to play his first ball sport - soccer at the Y. I told Travis to show up at his first practice, and if the games got in the way of other things just to bow out.

    Travis went, had fun watching, and never said anything. Can you tell I'm not that Mom that likes to stay busy? I like my own life too. Up until this point sports didn't dominate our lives. I was completely happy with that. I guess I should be happy they are not involved in baseball. That's a high maintenance sport, schedule wise. Ha! I do like that Mica's trying things. Isaak's completely happy playing basketball. He loves the sport.

  3. Mica found out what middle school he's going too. It was his top pick. Many of his friends aren't going there. There's many middle schools for the district. I just said, "Just be glad you didn't get your home school.", which his home school sucks! I said, "Mica you're likable! You'll make friends. If you hate it, we'll send you somewhere else the next year."

    I'm doing what many parents have already done, and Mica's getting a cell phone for his 12th birthday. He's not only getting it to take to middle school (bussing), but 12 year olds can start to babysit. We no longer have a home phone. He'll need it. 

  4. My sister and I got our sons in the camp that fills up within minutes. Yes you read that right! It's only $95 per camper. That includes bussing, and it's all week, all day. They wear them out! This is what Isaak looked like at the end of his camp a few years back: 

  5. He wasn't sad, or pissed. He was just worn, out and tired. I thought by the looks of it that he had a rough time. NOPE! He got the award for being the most enthusiastic. HA!

  6. The boys will go to the outdoor camp, a math/science camp, an acting camp, a leadership Sat. night camp, and in spring sports. We don't have daycare per say. Instead we try and fill their summer time up with camps. What kind of camp(s) did you go to when you were younger? 


Mandy said...

I never went to camp as a kid. I didn't want to, and I honestly don't think my parents could have afforded it even if I did want to. My mom was a sahm and babysat some of my friends and kids up and down our street, so it wasn't like we were ever lacking in things to do.

I love that Isaak found something in common with his friend. And it's awesome that Mica is getting so involved and trying som many sports and extracurricular activities. Maybe that will help next year when he's at his new school without his current circle of friends. :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

I only went to church camp, but I remember that it was a lot of fun back then.

I am not the mom who likes to stay busy with her kids all the time too. Allison decided to join choir, she's still thinking about signing up for track, then she said, "Hey, I want to do competitive gymnastics." Uh, no. Not only do I not want my life to revolve around gymnastics, I am not paying those fees (more than $5,000 a year!) Who the hell has that kind of time and money?

That's cool that Indiana Jones is popular all over the world. I love that it's so universal that they could connect on that level!

~ Noelle said...

I need to figure out what to do with Broxton this summer. Thinking lots of day trips for us.


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