Monday, April 10, 2017

The Time I Failed as a Parent

Not really.

So we wanted to watch the movie, Captain Fantastic. Have you seen it? Oh my goodness it's a great movie!

We watched the trailer and were all like, "That seems like our taste of a movie." We all wanted to watch it. There was only one problem: It was rated R.

Travis decided to look up what made it rated R. There was a scene where the Dad comes out nude, and another scene where the little girl is nude from the back. There was some language. All things that we thought, ok. We prefered that stuff not be in it, but we can't shelter them their whole lives. The boys have seen many nudes at art openings. We decided to watch it.

We all loved it! It's about a man that wanted to raise his kids in the wild. His Father in Law wanted to take the kids away from him. His Father in Law thought that raising kids in the wild is not right. The kids were super smart survivors, but did lack on social skills outside their family.

But...the Dad blatantly tells their youngest what sex is. Mica's been talked to about sex in a scientific way. We've talked to him about girl and boy development as well. We didn't just come out, and say what sex is. Now our soon to be 9 year old knows too. They both looked at us and said, "Is that really what it is?" We're both like, "Ya." That was it. No more questions asked. We did say, "Boys don't talk about sex at school. Some parents haven't talked to their kids about that yet."

On one hand I was thinking, Man my 8 year knows what sex is! On the other hand I'm glad they both know. A hard talk just became easier. Rumors about it are no longer rumors. We can have open dialog, talk about respecting women's bodies, and so on.

They've both been around breastfeeding, and like I said gallery openings that have had nude drawings on display. Sex is just another part of human nature.

Did you ever have a Birds and Bees discussion with your parents? I don't remember one in particular. My Dad was very open with us though. If we would have asked he would have told us whatever we wanted to know.


~ Noelle said...

I don't remember the discussion with my parents. I know we will have it with Broxton at some point, but then again, kids know so much more than we think they do these days.

Theresa Mahoney said...

You want to talk about a fail? My mom let my niece and nephew watch Sausage Party. She thought it was just a cartoon on Netflix. She quickly learned that she should have checked the rating when the profanity and sexual innuendos started. Whoops!

Mandy said...

I never had the talk with my parents. I think when my parents got the note that we were talking about it in school from the health teacher, that was it. And I was told, "no sex until you are married".

So fun way to have that conversation. At least it wasn't awkward. :)


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