Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Check Your Boobies

I'm the Queen of doctor's appointments lately. 

I had an ENT follow up last week to get my nose splints out. That seemed to go fairly smoothly. I did have to talk with Mica when he said, "Hey Trent!" to my doctor. He read his name on the sign when we walked in. I said, "Mica he's Doctor Quinlan."

I guess I don't blame Mica. His guy pediatrician Doctor Francis Harrison says, "Mica come over to see Doc Frankie." He's even said, "Open up for Franny." So his pediatrician is a bit less formal. That's ok. I love Doctor Harrison! He's the best! He's called me back personally when typically a nurse would call, he's stopped off at the hospital when Isaak was there on his way to vacation, he's called to talk to Travis when only I'm around to see him, he's the first to deal with med students, he has his med students research anything out of the normal, he's given my sister his cell phone because of my nephew Emerson's problems, and he's done home visits.

Mica and I had a talk about doctor's, and how they've worked so hard for their title. If they give the ok to call them by their first name, you can do that. Otherwise it's Doctor insert last name.

After work yesterday I went to get my allergy shots. I kept thinking later in the evening, Man I got some mosquito bites on my arm. It didn't dawn on me until later that it was the arm I got the 2 allergy shots in.

Then today I had my OB appointment. I wanted to change the appointment, but she couldn't get me in until Feb. I so wish my allergy/asthma doctor, or my OB doctor were my primary doctor. The only doctor I do not care for is the primary one. He has very little bedside manner, he didn't tell me about my polyps when I went in and told him I see something back there that won't come out, he tells me about his personal life, he's not proactive and rubs me the wrong way. The only reason I've kept him this long is because he's so close to work. I'll be switching him out. My OB doctor gave me some names. She's so much more in tuned with my needs, and asks me about more than just my OB stuff. My only complaint with her is that I have to make an appointment a year in advance to see her.

Here's how the Check Your Boobies talk went:

Doctor: Have you ever thought about getting a mammogram?

Me: Ya because I had a student in her 20s get breast cancer, a guy I went to high school had it last year, my son's Kindergarten teacher got breast cancer, it was by her armpit, so it was hard to detect, and it's not just an older person thing.

Doctor: Some sources say to start getting them at age 40, while other sources say age 50. Your breast tissue is lumpy, so I think you should get one just to be on the safe side. Lumpy doesn't mean anything bad, it's just that there may be something under what I'm feeling. 

Me: Ok sign me up.

So I went upstairs to get my first Mammogram. They'll only call me if anything is wrong. It didn't really hurt, but was a little uncomfortable. Compared to what I've been through lately it wasn't even uncomfortable. It was a breeze.

The biggest awkward thing was when I went to leave. I said, "Thank you for squeezing me in!" because they were busy. Of course Mammograms squeeze your boobies, so I didn't think about what I said until after I said it. It probably wasn't the best choice of words, or maybe it was the perfect choice of words. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

My OB gets me in the week that I call. It's my GI doctor that I have to make appointments for almost a year in advance. However, if he even suspects anything is wrong, he'll clear his schedule and get me right in and I love him for that. Jason dislikes his GI doctor because he's full of himself. If mine wasn't a 2 hour drive away, he'd be begging my doctor to take him on as a patient too lol.

I haven't had the lady bits squeezed yet, but I really need to get that done. My grandma passed from breast cancer in her 40's and as I creep closer to mine, it's ever present on my mind that I need to get scanned.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Definitely switch your primary. There are so many great doctors out there. No reason to have one that isn't personable!

I have had two mammograms now. They aren't so bad. Uncomfortable, but not worth procrastinating! They are over quick. We have a walk in mammogram place here, and I always go there, because it's super fast and I can go on a day I'm not busy.

~ Noelle said...

That's hilarious about thank you for squeezing me in. I almost busted out laughing and woke Savannah.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Yes, please! do check your boobies! As we said all the time, early detection is our best defense! I have been through a lot of doctors' visits and procedures as well, Alissa :). I know you can do it and somehow find a way to enjoy them all!


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