Monday, July 10, 2017

Superior Bidet Review

The day after my sinus surgery happened a package arrived! I got a Superior Bidet to review! 

What is a Superior Bidet?

This is their most popular bidet toilet attachment. It cleans everywhere, so you use less toilet paper. The supreme model is an attractive design that leaves you feeling clean. It has an adjustable dual nozzles, so women and men both will leave the bathroom feeling clean.


The instructions were pretty easy to follow. My husband put it in. I went to go get allergy shots, and by the time I got home we had a new improved toilet! He went from being irritated with me because I didn't tell him about this, to saying it was easy to install.

There was a mishap. He forgot a washer. He did make one trip to the hardware store for toilet seat risers. Otherwise everything was included except for the tools!

Our box had easy to understand instructions:

If you get this, and instructions happen to not be included by accident, or you've misplaced them, there's a set of instructions on their website as well.

What a Superior Bidet looks like:

It's nice! It's like a remote for your tush! I do wish the tubing was hidden, but otherwise it's modern looking. The first time I used it I was excited and nervous. That sounds kind of silly. It is just water. I get nervous with anything new really.

Features of the Superior Bidet:

  • There are adjustable dual nozzles that help with rear and feminine washing. I've used both, and they work. 
  • It says that all body types and shapes welcome! Isaak used it, and his 9 year old self got water all over. Either he needs practice, or his butty is just too small. I'm thinking he needs practice.
  • It has a discreet retractable nozzle.
  • Adjustable water temperature from cold to hot, and somewhere in between. I think we have it set right in the middle now.
  • Easy installation to cold & hot water connections.
  • Easy installation using existing water supply and toilet seat components. 
  • Really all you need is a hammer and screwdriver. We did get toilet seat risers. I think that was optional. They give you everything else. 
  • There's a self-cleaning feature flushes nozzle with fresh water. That's great if someone is sick. I was on antibiotics, but I really didn't get sick with them like I normally do.
  • Ergonomically-designed control panel with attractive, chrome-finished dials that seamlessly adjust the water pressure.
  • High quality components including ceramic core internal valve. We've experienced no leaks and this is a safer operation.

What's the right Bidet for you?

I'm glad I got the Superior Bidet - $89.99. It's great that it has different water temperatures. What are some of their other options?

  • Deluxe Bidget - $79.99
  • Standard Bidet - $69.99
  • Base Bidet - $59.99
Each one has less features than the top Bidet - the Superior Bidet is the best! I think in comparison to other brands this is so inexpensive!

Transform your toilet into a booty wonderland!

The boys had a friend get together. They made sure to tell their friends all about our Superior Bidet. It was so funny.

I know I feel much more clean after having one!

Do you know... 

  • that flushable wipes are not even supposed to go down the drain? People mess up their toilet every year using them. 
  • how many trees are taken down every year just for toilet paper? On the average Americans families spend $400 a year just on toilet paper. 
  • bleach is added to most toilet paper and tampons. I could do with a little less bleach! 
Having a Bidet solves all those problems!

Have you ever used a Bidet?

Disclaimer: I received a Superior Bidet to help assist with this review. The company in no way influenced my opinion of the product. I only review products I think my readers or family will enjoy. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

It does sound like a very resourceful way of keeping the bum clean ;)

Ai Sakura said...

It's so common in Japan to have a bidet like that but not so here in Singapore and I'm missing it!!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Unknown said...

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Mandy said...

I know bidets are supposed to be cleaner and better for the environment but I just can't get over spraying my butt without being in the shower. It just seems weird and wrong. And after you spray your butt, do you use toilet paper to dry it off?

I am amused that the boys wanted to show off their cool toilet, though. haha. That's great!

An Apel a Day said...

Apparently you can use just the bidet only. I use it, then wipe. It works really good!

~ Noelle said...

I've always said I wanted to try one. Lol. Maybe one day. Don't think I could use it and not wipe too though...

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

we have been using it as well! And love it :)


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