Friday, July 21, 2017

Random Tid Bits

  1. We think Isaak is going through a growth spurt; paired up with growing pains. He ate a ton of food on Wednesday, fell asleep at 7 last night because he was so tired, and woke up 2 or 3 times scared of noises and lights that couldn't be explained. Under his knees hurt really bad.

    After the second or third time of him waking up Travis put him on the couch in the living room. Travis has never wanted the boys to cuddle with us in our bed. I'm more the type that wouldn't care in a situation like last night. It is what it is.

  2. I've been hit with a few freelance duties. I made a business card for a past co-worker that now lives in Atlanta. Whenever I make things for friends even though they know they are paying me I hate sending over that final bill. The thought goes through my mind: Maybe they are thinking I'm charging them too much, or what if they expected me to charge them more. It's so silly I do that. You'd think I'd be past that already, but I always think that people just don't understand how long design work takes. I have to mention that I don't ever feel this way when it comes to people that are not friends or family.

    Here's how the card turned out. I changed all the information to protect her identity. She wanted a 1 sided business card, with purple as her accent color. That's really all she gave me for what to do. She ended up being super happy with the cards, so that's good. It's a screen shot, so if the type seems hazy, it's not on the card.

  3. My sister has been wanting things done for SOFT, which is a nonprofit that helps with research for people like Emerson, and any other chromosome deficiencies. So far I've just been doing things out of the kindness of my heart. The work is challenging. Up until now they didn't have a logo, but used a rainbow and balloons for the colors of the chromosome problems. Logos should be only a few colors and shouldn't change with each thing that's done. Considering that their look changes all the time, they don't know what they want - it's difficult.

  4. I've been wanting a non-cancerous cyst on my forehead gone for months now. Of course my mind was on bigger things - an upcycled nose. Travis kept saying, "Leave it alone!" Well I can't leave it alone. I don't want it cut out by a dermatologist. They'll squeeze! When I just had surgery I don't need anyone squeezing me. Apple Cider Vinegar it is. Yes my skin will burn from it. I need want it out. Goodness my skin is a mess from that surgery. Dry in some spots, small pimples in others. I can't scrub it because it's all so sensitive. 

  5. I go in for an Aspirin Drip at the Allergy and Asthma Clinic next week for 2 to 3 days. I'm so nervous! I'm allergic to it, that's why they are dripping it into me to build up a resistance. Asthma/Allergy sufferers should take Ibuprofen when they have flair ups to help with inflammation. Well I can't because it shuts down my lungs and makes me sneeze a ton. They are expecting a reaction. Fun times!

    I accidentally scheduled my ENT follow-up on the last 3rd day of this Aspirin Drip. I don't know if I can go to it, or not. The Aspirin Drip may take only 2 days. I called to see if I should reschedule. They don't know if I should, or not. I'll get an automated call to confirm my appointment that I don't know if I can keep, or not.

    At least I get to stare at my cute Asthma/Allergy doctor for a few days. 


mail4rosey said...

Cute doctors make me uncomfortable, lol. Isn't that silly. My new dentist is cute and I wish he was old and ugly. ;)

Sounds like you're busy as usual. That's not a bad thing.

Mandy said...

Yay cute asthma doctor! :)

Your card looks great! I can tell you're an artist, though, in the way you wrote about it. Always insecure and worried about how people will perceive your work if you don't put your absolute best out there. Or maybe that's just me. Either way, your card looks good! Did you use Illustrator?

I can't imagine trying to put together a logo for SOFT with them not knowing what they want. I often have a hard time knowing what I want which is why I'm not really into designing logos … and struggle with editing my blog.

Hopefully, they allow you to keep both appointments and you can get done with all of this medical everything. UGH. You've hardly had a summer with all of this stuff going on with your health. Maybe you'll get to relax next summer. :)

An Apel a Day said...

Mandy: I used Illustrator, Photoshop, then InDesign for the business card. She wanted to know if I was sure on the pricing - as if to ask for more. I said, "Ok tack on $25 more for changes". Ha!

SOFT OMG I just want to scream with it! I actually edited this post because it sounded too negative. I'm sure I'll have to work up a few more t-shirt designs for that.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

love the design! And it's purple, favorite color :). Hope Isaak is getting much better ..just like you, I don't mind having the kids sleeping in our room for special occasion or circumstances like that.

Theresa Mahoney said...

The card turned out so good! People really don't understand how much work is put into design and things like that. Same with photography. I hear people gripe about the cost of professional photos all the time, and while I am by no means a professional, I personally think the cost is justified. It took me 4 hours just to edit 20 photos from my godson's prom. Things like that take a lot of work!

~ Noelle said...

I hope Isaak is better now. I know growing pains suck, we took broxton to the dr with his because he was hurting... lol and they made us get xrays, just to say it was growing pains. Oh well :)

Love the card, great job!!!! Its funny how things to through our head, right? I hated having to price photography for friends, I get it.

How are you ? Things better? Hows your cute doc? :)


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