Saturday, July 29, 2017

Thick Performance Athletic Socks Review

Isaak was excited to be a part of a 3 day basketball camp last week! He went to the University of Nebraska for it. My college student nine year old loves basketball! 

He had fun except for the last day. Isaak's only been playing for a year, so he got called, "A ball hog" by a few teammates. I told him that he just has to practice looking up, and being aware of his surroundings. I also mentioned, that it was ok to be upset, it's not fun being called something negative. I make it clear that If he felt like crying no one in the car was going to judge him.

We had a much easier time taking him and dropping him off then we originally thought. It ended up that I only needed to be at the Allergy Asthma Clinic for 2 days instead of 3. On that 2nd day I got let out early enough to go get Isaak from camp. Just like Isaak had a crappy time on the 3rd day I did too. I got a ticket for parking in a lot, which was ok to park in. I had to hunt the parking building down to get that waved. I didn't realize the campus was split with a park. Finding the building I needed to go to took me 35 minutes. Mica kept saying, "Calm down Mom!" Ha!

Isaak looked sharp with his new shirt and socks!

Not only was he excited about playing basketball for 3 days straight, he was also happy to try out Thick Performance Athletic Socks:

The set comes with black and red socks. It's perfect really because the shorts Isaak loves to wear for basketball are red, and he generally wears a charcoal grey or black for the top.

Each pair came in a separate plastic bag that has a ziplock feature:

I have to be honest I just threw the bags away. My boys each have a sock drawer.

  • They are comfortable. In fact the first time Isaak put them on he felt like he wasn't wearing socks on the foot part.
  • Isaak loves that they can be worn for different sports. They have listed that they can be worn for Basketball, Football, Soccer, and Volleyball. Isaak's into Soccer and Basketball. 
  • The color and style of the socks we like. 
  • Isaak thinks it's cool they have an L for left and R for right. I've never had socks that tell you which sock goes of what foot, but I have seen them. If he likes it, great. I think I'd just like to put my socks on without thinking at all. 
  • The socks seemed to shrink a little bit when washed. The ankles fits too tight. 
  • The black pair of socks had some loose strings inside them. They annoyed Isaak. 


They are $15.99 on sale for $13.99 with Prime Shipping on Amazon. That's a super good deal for athletic socks!

Do you have a favorite brand of socks?

Disclaimer: I got these 2 pair of socks for a discount to write this review. The company in no way influenced my decision when reviewing this product.


mail4rosey said...

My son keeps begging me to put him on an official basketball team. I guess I will, but I have to make sure my schedule meshes first. I won't know for a couple of more weeks (when they list the practice/game times).

Mandy said...

Sorry about your ticket and Isaak being called a name. It was nice that you were able to comfort him and let him know that sometimes people are mean and it's ok if that upsets him.

Glad that you only had to go to the allergy clinic for 2 days instead of 3. I know that made your life a bit easier. :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

That blows about the ticket :( And the name calling :(

If the socks are too loose or too tight, my girls won't wear them. They are like Goldilocks and expect a just right fit.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

my hubby and my son love them! They bought socks again and again so that we have tons of them

~ Noelle said...

I get the no show. Broxton likes the higher ones, but they fall down by his ankle by the end of the day and it looks goofy, so I won't buy them anymore!


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