Friday, February 2, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. I'm back to being sick with something. I'm just a snot bucket, with a sore throat. I really could use some energy to get things done. 

  2. Mica's been selected for many things at school lately. That's positive.

    At home he just sits in his room and listens to music. He doesn't even read as much as he used to.

    I went to his room and said, "Can you be my water boy by filling up glasses of water for dinner?" He said, "Ok. I'll do that." 5 minutes went Mica. I finally started to yell at him. When he came into the kitchen I said, "Listen! Kids and husbands say that Moms yell and nag too much. If you don't want me to yell or nag, than do what I say the first time." After that I gave him jobs to do. It usually takes him 3 times to get the dishes washed right. He's learning.

  3. It usually takes Travis 2 times to get a load of laundry done right, so maybe Mica gets this having to do chores over and over again from his Dad. ;) Travis left 1/2 the pile of laundry on the floor, and wondered why the load was so small. Maybe I'll give him the chore of making laundry soap the next time that needs to be done. ;)

  4. Isaak has in his mind that he wants to make a really cool coffee pot Valentine box. I've never made crazy cool Valentine boxes with my kids. I've done cool Valentines. I aways feel like the box is just going to go in the trash. At least with Halloween costumes they are worn more than once. Isaak says he wants to use it for a few years. Travis is helping him make a coffee pot Valentine box. What's the coolest Valentine's or Valentine Box that you've made?

  5. My first year students are so with it that I've had to come up with more material for them for lectures. I don't find myself repeating as much as previous years. They just get things. :)


sunshine said...

Oh no, hope you feel better soon!!! As for Valentine's, we normally buy store bought and are done, sad but true!!!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Honestly, we've never made a cool Valentine's box. Just the normal tin mailboxes from the dollar store about sums it up for us.

Jason only does a handful of the indoor chores. He cleans the kitchen on weekends, but I'll be putting a stop to him doing the dishes because he breaks more than he gets clean. I can't afford to keep replacing dishes!

Sorry you aren't feeling so great again :(

mail4rosey said...

That's awesome that your students just 'get it!'
As for chores, my son just told me I ruin Saturdays, his ONLY day off (guess he forgot about Sunday), because it's 'cleaning day.' hahahha No guilt trip is working for me, he's part of the house, he's cleaning on Sat. mornings. I clean right alongside him, and do all of the cleanup on weekdays! :)

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Harry Flashman said...

Sorry you are sick again. That makes everything harder😞.

I pretty much do the laundry here, as I am worried my wife might fall down the stairs carrying it up to our bedrooms. We don't have much though, maybe a load every few days.

Your son is morphing into a teenager. Good luck as that progresses. My daughter went through a "Goth" stage.😡 My wife said let her work through it, and she did but it was a little stressful.😤

Get better soon.

kristi said...

I am sorry you are sick. I just got over the same sinus stuff. I used a natural product called ColdCalm - you are supposed to take it at the first sign, but I already had mine for a couple of days. I took it faithfully as indicated and was feeling much better the next day and the cold was gone two days later. It is a homeopathic medicine by Boiron. I would HIGHLY recommend it! Love that it is non-drowsy and there are no drug interactions....Hope you are feeling better soon!


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