Thursday, June 7, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. For a few weeks now I've been battling it out with computer problems. I think I have it fixed, nope, think again. It keeps fanning up like crazy when I'm on the internet! Under Activity Monitor it kept saying that my Mac was using over 100% CPU for Google Chrome Helper. I removed some things off that looks suspicious, it still fanned up once again! I read up on computer issues with Macs. I've had this one for quite some time. It's been virus free up until this point. I read up, and watched videos on how to fix my Mac. Finally a coworker convinced me to download Malwarebytes. I was incredibly nervous to download anything when something from the internet was clearly my issue. Like what if I downloaded a fake version of Malwarebytes, and then it would be worse off than it already was? That was my thinking. Malwarebytes detected 15 problems, and removed them! After that it continued to fan up. I did a system update, backed up my stuff again. 

  2. Now my boss can't see my back up on other macs. The battery life says, "Condition Replace Soon". That isn't good. So I need a new battery.

  3. Isaak starts a camp next week! It's an upcycled | Invention camp. I think he'll love it!

  4. Our family is into watching a show called Under the Dome.  It's based off a Stephen King novel, and directed by Spielberg. It's not scary, just odd. Have you seen it? It's on Amazon Prime.

  5. Do you have sisters, brothers, or are/were you a single child? I have sisters, and there seems to be drama at many turns. I wouldn't say I'm a dramatic person, but I am like Isaak where I want things to be right. I don't like to leave people out, make people feel bad and so on. 

  6. Do you have any big plans for the weekend? I think Isaak and I need to work on a craft. The boy will go to decorate cupcakes at a library, and Mica started volunteering for a few hours on Sunday at the library. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

I hate computer problems. I couldn't get my scanner to work today and stressed out over it for an hour. Irritating!

I tried watching Under the Dome because I love Stephen King. Got through 2 episodes before giving up on it. I find that his books are often much more entertaining than the tv and film adaptations.

I have 2 sisters and one brother. I haven't spoken to my oldest in over 6 years. We'll probably die before talking to each other ever again. My younger sister, I tolerate well enough when I see her. I try to avoid my brother when possible, but will be civil to him if we end up close to each other. My siblings are all addicts and full of drama, so I try to keep to myself. I like my step sister way more than my blood siblings.

Terra Heck said...

The library is a great place to go during the summer.
I have Amazon Prime but have never watched Under the Dome. Will have to check it out.

Mandy said...

Hope you get your computer problems solved soon. Have you tried uninstalling Google Chrome? Or if you have frequents backups of the computer, you could try resetting the whole computer and using an old backup from before the fans were a problem? … Of course, it sounds like you've replaced the laptop in the time since, so thats also a fix…


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