Monday, July 30, 2018

Daniel the Tiger Finger Puppet

I know I've already mentioned Won't You Be My Neighbor? as a film to see. I'm mentioning it again. It will make you feel! A burst of positive emotions went over me. I was also emotionally sensitive after the movie. Creativity moved my household. My husband hadn't worked on sculpture for a few weeks, and in the garage he went to work away. Isaak and I were stumped before the movie on craft ideas for ParentSavvy (who I write for). After the movie we had a flood of ideas! So many we wanted to get done right away. Won't You Be My Neighbor? isn't just rated high from me, it's rated high overall. If you go you'll laugh, possibly cry, and feel moved!

Visit this craft on . I have another version of it up there.

Daniel the Tiger Finger Puppet:

Isaak came up with this craft all by himself. During it he'd stop and say, "Mom go ahead and take a picture!" I hope he never looses his creative drive!

Isaak started out making a couple finger puppets on his own as sample pieces. Once I saw them I knew he was ready to move forward with the step-by-step craft.



Begin with different colors of felt. I happen to have some just laying around. For his sample elephant he used grey and blue. For his sample giraffe he used yellow and brown. For Daniel the Tiger he used orange and yellow.

Fabric Paint:

I can't stand Fabric Markers! They bleed so bad! Fabric Paint is better in my opinion. I got out the tiger colors I had. Isaak only used the yellow. You can opt to use markers or Sharpies instead.

A Dark Sharpie:

This will help with fine details, and marking where to cut!


It's optional. Isaak used it on 3 places, but you can opt to sew instead.


It too is optional. Isaak insisted on using it. I wasn't about to argue it. Any time kids want to use a ruler, the better! I get college students that do not know how to use a ruler. I'm not even kidding!


The only thing I bought was googly eyes. It's good to have fabric scissors to cut the felt. We had a few different colored threads handy with a needle to sew with.

Time to Begin-

Fold and Cut the Felt:

Start by getting a finger to fit in the felt. Isaak pinched his finger with it, marked it, measured across, drew down a Sharpie line, and cut the felt out. *See images below!

You'll end up with one piece of felt! It's ok if it's not cut out perfectly. It will be folded and sewn.

Fold and Sew:

Isaak knows how to sew, but I did it to help time wise. He has trouble with knots. Start out sewing length wise.

Then sew the bottom. It doesn't matter which is bottom and which is top. You just have to leave one open because it's a finger puppet.

Cut the Head:

Draw a head shape with a Sharpie, and cut it out.

Attach the Head:

You can sew the head on, or glue it. Isaak wanted to glue it. Had we done it again I would have said, "Let's sew it." It got kind of messy holding it, to sew on other parts.

Face Details:

He glued on the eyes.

Then used fabric paint for some more details.

Then he cut out some ears, and I sewed them on.

I sewed whiskers on the next day when everything was dry.

Feet and Body:

I have to admit Isaak lost me a bit with these rolled up things *see below. They are feet. He cut them, rolled them, and put them under a book to keep them rolled. Then I sewed them, so they stayed rolled up. They look kind of like mini toilet paper rolls. They'll make sense in a bit.

He added what looked like a cape on Tiger's backside. I sewed it on for him.

Then I sewed the mini toilet paper rolled things to his front (2) and back (2). The cape looking thing is his backside. *See the 2nd picture, it should make sense.

Finger puppet ready!

He did add stripes with fabric paint. He also added claws with Sharpie.

I added whiskers.

Isaak loves him! I think he's cute as well. Well maybe not as cute as Isaak is. ;)


Were you a fan of Mr. Roger's when you were a kid?


Harry Flashman said...

I like that finger puppet! I also like the fact that your son made it, seems like today young folks don't have much creativity, they just stare mindlessly into video screens on phones. It's good your boys aren't that way.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I loved Mr. Rogers! I am itching to see the film, but haven't had any time to do so yet. I believe he was one of the few Hollywood stars that got through his whole career without even a whiff of scandal. Such a beautiful soul, he was.

Love the finger puppet craft. Very creative indeed!

mail4rosey said...

The finger puppet is cute. That was my granddaughter's favorite show for awhile. I'll be sure we take time out to see the film. Thank you for the suggestion. Glad it had such cool after affects at your place. How can I not see it after an endorsement like that?


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