Friday, July 27, 2018

Lunch Tote Review #backtoschool

There's some things it seems we can never have enough in our house: Pillows, Good Water Bottles, Lunch Containers, and Lunch Totes. So I planned on just listing a few things, and ended up listing four things. What do you use a lot in your house?

Travis uses pillows all the time. I dropped a glass water bottle, and it shattered to pieces. There was a kid that threw something at another kid, and Mica's water bottle slammed to the floor. The straw section was all broken. Mica also lost a water bottle. Travis and I both work a lot, so we go through lunch containers. The lids always break before the containers do. We don't even wash them in the dishwasher. They just start to tear apart. The boys aren't into their younger kid lunch boxes/bags, so I'm trying to up their style a bit. Instead of cartoony things, we go simple these days.

I got an Amy Insulated Large Lunch Bag to review. It's perfect for going back to school!

It's big enough for two lunches, or one lunch and some drinks for the top. 

This week I've taken lunches for Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and Friday was on it's own. I did throw in some drinks for today.

  • Jean Blue $7.07
  • Red $12.99
  • Grey $6 (The color I got to review)
I'm not sure why they very so much in cost, but they do. They are all on Amazon Prime and can be found here:

  • It's insulated well! That's good and bad. Good because things stay cold, bad because it's harder to just throw in the washer. It can be wiped out though. 
  • I like the 2 big compartments. Over the weekend I make pretty big meals that carry us into the work week. I love taking 2 meals, and not have to deal with taking a meal for a day. 
  • It's well designed. Meaning it looks nice!
  • The shoulder strap clasp is broke. It never worked. It just slips right out. I might as well throw it out, or only use the top handle. I was excited it had a shoulder strap. I'm often holding many things like my computer bag and groceries. It's nice to not have to hold a lunch bag too. I don't want my glass containers to fall and break though. I really don't think this is a problem with all their bags. Just this one. It could have been tested better before they shipped it out. 

Overall I do like this lunch tote. I'm in love with the room it has! What do you like to carry your lunch in, or do you buy your lunch every day?

Disclaimer: I got this product for a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. I only review things that I think will fit my readers or family.


~ Noelle said...

I need a new lunch box for Broxton.. This looks like a great one

Harry Flashman said...

Nice looking gear, and the defect isn't very noticeable anyway. I pretty much just eat lunch at home unless we go out for lunch.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Too bad about the weak strap, but it does look like a nice tote overall.

mail4rosey said...

Bummer on the broken strap. I know as a teacher you are probably toting a lot of things into the building at once. Otherwise, it does look sound, and nice and roomy.


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