Friday, July 27, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. I took Mica to a new place to get a sports physical. Travis is big about him being involved in a sport. I'm big about him being involved in anything extra. I see him more as a reader and drama kid. I get Travis' point, he should be active with something. Mica's going to try out Cross Country.

    Travis had the appointment at the boy's doctor's office - early August. It was during Hummel Camp. Travis would have had to take off work to get him from point A to point B, back to point A, and back to work. It would have been more expensive to go to the doctor's office. I opted to take him to an after hours clinic that was only $15. He's all checked out! The boy is now 1/2" taller than I am. Thank goodness his hernia was taken care of last year. Otherwise that would be an issue.

    His doctor's office was annoyed when I called to cancel the appointment. They were like, "Well...don't you need to schedule a new appointment?" I said, "Nope! I already took care of it. He's up to date on his shots, so he's good." They were like, "Ok then!" and hung up. I love their doctor, but the office has been annoying quite a few times lately! 

  2. Mica watching Wipe Out at the Clinic.

  3. I wonder why middle and high schoolers have to get a sports physical, but elementary schoolers don't? Isaak will play basketball once again. Hopefully in a league and at school. He might even play volleyball. It's open to boys and girls in elementary school. After that point it's strictly a girl's sport. 

  4.  You guys have read about Mrs Clean Freak before. She's the lady that made me get rid of folders in a classroom because classrooms have to be blank. She also gives me lists of things to do. When I was completing one list I heard her talking to another employee saying that she should actually get something done today. She's good at being bossy, and making me lists to feel like I'm 13 years old.

    We gained 4 students from what we had in the original works. That's a good thing. Tables were added. New tops have to go on those tables. I'm the type of person that just does stuff that needs to be done. I don't really need a list. Imagine that. Ha! I just added the tops to the tables.

    Mrs Clean Freak said to me, "Alissa who told you to add those tops on those tables?!" Me fibbing just to get her off my back, "The Boss Man." Mrs Clean Freak, "I hate when he does that! I'm supposed to be in charge of the clean up." Me Thinking, Well I hate when you treat me like I'm 13 by giving me a list. I also hate that you don't work on the tasks along side of me, and just boss me around. I went back to the Boss Man, and told him what I actually said. Boss Man said, "It's ok Alissa. I'm glad you just moved forward to do it." Ha! Do you have a bossy person in your life? I get my Boss being bossy, but Mrs Clean Freak isn't even my Boss. Travis says I just need to suck it up. I do. I also need to vent about it in the process.

  5. I've been so unproductive, since I got back. I think I just feel overwhelmed with school getting ready to start, photos to go through, and the pressure of looking for jobs all summer was getting to me. I feel like I need a vacation after I had a vacation. 

  6. I came home, and Mica ate not one, not two, not three, not four, but five of these! I think we've all done something like that in our youth. It sort of cracked me up. I know he's growing! We had a discussion about how one, which is like two (two in a package) is ok to eat. Otherwise he needs to eat other things as well. I have never bought them Little Debbie anything, so this was a treat. I didn't even know they changed the name from Nutty Bars to Nutty Buddies. What's your favorite Little Debbie snacks?


Theresa Mahoney said...

I used to work with a bossy lady. Funny thing was, I was her boss at 19 years old and she didn't like it, so she tried to use her age to intimidate me. I just let her be.

My kids like Little Debbies too, but I've always had junk in the house so it's not really a novelty for them. They prefer to reach for the fruits and veggies and might grab a brownie or swiss cake roll once a week or so. But, if I make cheesecake, watch out! They'll fight to the death over the last slice lol

~ Noelle said...

I love your Random posts.. maybe because my mind is always over the place.
Ready for school? I'm not. Summer seemed really short :(

Harry Flashman said...

I hate people like that. I've run into a few in my life, and they can make life miserable. Most of the bad things about a job are associated with the people you have to work with.

mail4rosey said...

Glad your boss was cool with it. I don't need lists to get things done either. ;) My boy is still on a basketball kick. I'd say it's more of a passion at this point. We are all about all things basketball these days. How'd the job hunt go over the summer? Oh...and are Oatmeal Cream Pies by Little Debbies? We buy those sometimes and I like them but my youngest does not. phht ;)


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