Tuesday, July 24, 2018

WW: Airplane Ride {Linky}

We just got back from Arizona last week. It was Isaak's first airplane ride, and Mica's first one that he can remember. 

Sorry if I was kind of absent last week.

My favorite shot was a silhouette of Isaak. He was so excited!

Then there was Mica that's not scared of roller coasters, but was freaking out about the plane taking off. In his defense I'm the opposite. The poor boy was also drugged up on Benadryl because he had an unexplained rash that ended up covering his body. That's a whole post in its self.

Since I don't fly all that often, I took some photos. 

Do you like airplane rides?


Lydia C. Lee said...

What fun! How exciting for them!!

stevebethere said...

Loved these the silhouette is brilliant great idea the others made me laugh.

I liked the rest good scenery views and the clouds :-)

Have a reflectingtastic week :-)

NanaHood said...

I hate flying....but I do it. Never easy for me though. Glad you and your boys enjoy it!

kewkew said...

What a fun experience. I haven't been on a plane in years. And probably won't ever be on one again seeing as my husband refuses to get on an airplane. Unless it would take him to the Super Bowl if the Bills were playing I'm sure.
Anyhow, I LOVE the first picture. Great silhouette picture

csuhpat1 said...

Very cool. I love taking pics from planes. Glad he enjoyed it. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

Veronica Lee said...

I don't mind flying but I hate long-haul flights on economy class.
Lovely photos, A.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Girl, I am so over airplanes right now. 10 days, 4 plane rides, 1 train ride, a million Ubers. I am happy to sit my butt on the couch right now and do nothing lol. I am not big on planes in general though. They are so uncomfortable, there's always a crying baby, and half the time I get motion sickness.

Terra Heck said...

I haven't been on a lot of planes but don't mind flying. I've never had a horrible experience. Love that silhouette pic you took.


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