Monday, March 25, 2019

5th Grade Conferences

We finally had conferences, for Isaak. They got skipped because of the the snow (all the schools were closed). They postponed them until after spring break.

While we waited Isaak modeled his Safety Patrol - Captain outfit for me.

He was quite bummed that the students didn't have new art on the walls to show us. He said, "The kids in my class always get in trouble, so we loose art and recess time."

I would say it's too cold and snowy to have recess, but my friend that lives in Minnesota shows shots of her daughter at recess all the time (no matter what the weather is). She even bought her waders, so she could be in the cold water, yet still stay dry. She looked so happy to be in the natural elements.

It's kind of hard going in to talk to a teacher, when you know it's the worst year your kid has had. There's never been chemistry between Isaak and his teacher. Travis said, "Let's just do this. We all know he just needs to get through the year. He's almost done."

She had a pretty glowing report about Isaak. He is a pretty good kid. She wishes more kids had his empathetic nature.

When she started to talk about how he's a talker in a more negative way, I said, "Yes he does like to talk a lot. Many boys do not. I'm glad he can share his feelings with us. He may be great at presenting when he's older because he talks well."

I tried to turn negative things said into positive things. I get that she needs to tell us what he needs to work on. That's the point of conferences. Tell me something I don't already know. He talks a lot at home too.

Truthfully I can think of many things she could work on:

-Artwork was not changed out from the last conferences

-They still lack on having recesses (only had 1 all week)

-She gives way too much homework (to the point he goes to bed an hour later than I want him to)

-Isaak misses out on lessons and doesn't get filled back in on what's going on if he's at Strings

-She just reads out of the Social Studies book, has them take notes (how boring!)

-She's still having them do these crazy word games for homework that are a waist of time in my mind.

Word games that say, "What's another word for brownish purple?" I've taught Color and Design Theory, for years. I had never heard of the answer "Puce". I had to Google search that one. The historical background as to how they came up with that word is pretty gross. It's thought up because it's the color of bug's blood.

Another word game puzzle, "Another word for manure." The answer is "Dung". What 10 year old that lives in the city knows those words?

She does hand out a vocabulary word, has them look it up, and write it in a sentence. I love that!

I usually look forward to conferences. I just want the year to be over.


Theresa Mahoney said...

That stinks that he's not getting in enough art and recess. Kids need to be able to blow off steam and let their creative juices flow. I hope the rest of the year goes by quickly for him. We're not out until June 12 because of all of the snow make-up days we have to do.

An Apel a Day said...

@Theresa I thought we'd have makeup days, but somehow we don't have to have any.


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