Thursday, March 28, 2019

White Boy Privilege

My boys go to a Leadership Camp that's way North in Omaha. They've gone for many years. 

This is shortly after they started. They look so little. Isaak's now almost 11, and Mica's 13 and 1/2. Mica's taller than I am, and growing an unfortunate mustache.

Where it's at, we are the minority. Omaha sadly is very split up by race and culture. It's supposedly the best place to live for families, but the worst place to live if you are in the minority.

The head of the program really likes our boys.

We've gone back and forth from loving the program, to thinking our boys don't fit or raise questions about how it's run (the staff has high turnover because it's Saturday nights), and back to loving it again.

Truth is, I love our one night a week without the boys, how they get a taste of being the few white boys among many dark skinned kids, how they can pass on their leadership skills to those that struggle with them, how they made Isaak research a different culture each week, talk about budgeting, and want Mica to work for them when he's old enough.


It's a nonprofit organization, so we always have to fill out paperwork on our kid's behavior. It's hard because Mica's been in the program, but we've struggled with him because he's in the thick of puberty. He's a good student, and we have our good days, but he's not a task/hands on kid. That's where we struggle.

Isaak took a break due to basketball, and he's been great at home.

Their paperwork probably wasn't all that they wanted it to be. The program hasn't made Mica better. In fact they think he's great. Ask him to do the dishes at home, and it's a struggle.

We had a family night, which we all hadn't been there for awhile.

On With the White Boy Privilege: 

We gathered to eat dinner, for family night.

I had donated slotted spoons to the organization because the older team leaders that are just slightly older than Mica would serve the wet green beans with regular spoons.

Mica said, "The bread is soggy, and the chicken is sloppy."

Isaak just wouldn't eat. 

I said, "What's wrong? You always eat your food. A little slow, but you still eat it."

Isaak said, "Mom I can't eat chicken that looks like that! It has the bones showing!"

I said, "What can I tell you? Chicken looks that way. I just get it boneless skinless because it's easier, and doesn't stink up the trash."

Isaak said, "Mom I can't eat food that has the skeleton showing!"

Travis said, "I'll eat it! Why won't you eat your green beans Isaak?"

Isaak rolled his eyes.

I said, "Because they aren't fresh green beans like I make. They are canned green beans. My guess is, is that he won't eat his fruit cup, or plain bread either. The fruit is in a liquid. He's used to fresh fruit. He's used to having jelly, jam, honey, or peanut butter on his bread."

I was right! Isaak went without eating.

I said, "What are you going to do when they start the new tier you're going to be in?"

Isaak said, "Eat before I go."

I said, "I don't think so. You're just going to have to get used to chicken on the bone."

Travis said, "I think we'll be buying that way, so he can get used to it."

I never really thought much about being privileged as much as I did that night. I have to admit that "Skeleton Showing" on his chicken is pretty funny. We're middle class, but I certainly feel privileged when we're there.

Is there a time where you felt privileged? 


~ Noelle said...

Lol.... I'm with him. I am NOT a fan of meat on bone.... I order boneless wings, get chicken fingers... and if its fried chicken I get the breast, pull the huge chunk of meat off and then give it to a family member to eat the rest.... I've always been that way.

Harry Flashman said...

Nope. I always equate "privileged" with "something for nothing." I had my first job at 14, and nobody gave me anything. Everything I've got, I worked for.

indah nuria said...

Isaak :)..Somehow my daughter is like that, too picky and comment on many food I cooked for here. the Bone show is really something!


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