Monday, April 22, 2019

#happyearthday #happyartday

I created this little gem for this post: 

I saw "art" inside "Earth", and decided it needs to pop out. I'm kind of tired of art being put on the back burner, for society in America. It's inside Earth, so leave it in schools, and don't make it solely pro bono work. Without art in our Earth is just Eh, and that's pretty boring! 

We haven't been outside and earthy lately. Usually Travis is doing mounds of yard work this time of year. We do have seedlings started indoors.

We already recycle, reuse, and compost. I did start reusing citrus peelings more. I dry them, grind them, dry them, and grind them some more. I use it for toning down white sugar. If it's a mix less processed sugar is taken in. I use it for muffins, cakes, and scones. I also put it in with loose leaf tea, and protein powder for smoothies. It's super high in fiber. Pretty soon I won't be drying it out because of fruit flies. For now they can be.

Travis has a deadline for his chair, so he's busting a move on that. He thought he'd miss our family gathering for Easter all together, but he went for a bit. The chair now has form. Not as many pieces! I spent a good part of my Saturday cutting out fabric circles for it, and helping Isaak some more with his Optical Illusion Science Fair Project.

Did I ever mention that my family is full of nerdy nurses? If you count my Grandmother that's now passed  + the retired ones there's was eight of them to be exact. That profession outweighs any other in my family. Apparently one of my aunts and mother didn't approve of me posting Isaak as an optical illusion on facebook. It creeped them out. 

Reposted Image:

*Insert eye roll. I thought it was fun to do, and interesting. It reminded me of how I drew in Figure Drawing when I was a grad student. I got sick of Figure Drawing after I had many classes of it in undergrad school. When I had to take it in grad school I kept on drawing the figure on one sheet of paper the whole time. I had butts coming out of stomachs, and all kinds of craziness. We'd often times have a guy model and a girl model, so I'd mix the two right on the same page. My instructor said I could have a show just with those drawings. I don't think the nerdy nurse relatives would approve. 

Realistically I know that not everyone sees art the same way. It's kind of like music...I could love one song, and you could be like, "Turn it off!" I get it.

I'm in a dramatic, sour puss mood, so I'm pouting. Isaak has to get it from someone, am I right?!

So to honor Earth Day | Art Day I should have Travis take pictures of me with different views. I'll use my Photoshop skills to merge them. I'll soonish post it on facebook, and keep it my profile picture for a good while!

Maybe I'll do one for each member of our family, frame them, and invite all the ones that think I'm odd over for tea. 

Don't get me wrong, I love my family. Like any person in one's life they are bound to annoy you from time to time. I don't like my kids every day. I still love them. 

The nurses love me to. They love that I take photos for them for Grandpa, and make copies, they dig that I can make posters and postcards for Family Reunions. Ha! 

Back to Earth Day. Did you celebrate at all? What did you do?


Theresa Mahoney said...

I love that we all interpret art differently. You are right that Earth without Art is Eh. We need more creativity and less ugliness in this world.

I am glad Travis was able to have family time yesterday. Missing out on Easter would have been a bummer.

I've been slacking on my yard work too. We did get all of the winter leaves raked up, but I should have already had my flower and vegetable gardens cleared and prepped for planting later next month.

mail4rosey said...

Second year in a row I didn't celebrate Earth Day. I appreciate that it's a day. And I like the slogan that Earth without 'art' is Eh! Agreed. :)


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