Friday, April 26, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. Last week the students had off Good Friday, and this week they had off Monday. The Education Director was here, and has a centrally located office. One student did come in because she's a paid worker. She takes out the trash, and fills toilet paper and paper towels. The student came in from outside said asked the Education Director, "What am I supposed to do? The back doors are locked. I got locked out, so I had to walk around." He sat there awkwardly for what seemed like 2 or 3 minutes. Finally I piped up from a back cubical and said, "Is there something I can do? You have a few options: Prop the door open, while you do the trash, or I can unlock it. Just let me know which thing you want me to do? She decided to prop the door open. I too have faced some awkward moment with the Education Director. He's nice, just quiet.

  2. My brother in law said over the holiday to my uncle, "I just don't like basketball." My uncle asked, "Why?" My brother in law said, "It's the squeaky shoes." I never really thought about that bothering anyone. 

  3. Isaak got more jewelry from my Aunt that was my Grandma's. She handed him a whole box of costume jewelry. Oh joy more stuff we get to hold onto. He was pretty upset when he collected a ton of her rings, and was told to give most of them back. That kid cracks me up! He's a total boy with playing. He typically has some injury on his legs. He's proud of his battle wounds. He likes sports, Chess Club, gardening, and more. Then he'll turn around and dig crafts, and my Grandma's old jewelry. I love it! He amuses me.

    Isaak picked out this hair clip to put in my hair:

    It slid right on out. My hair is so slippery. It has zero texture.

    Travis picked it up, and said, "Hey there's my nipple ring. He put it in his chest hair. It gave us all a laugh. I think it held better there than in my hair.
  4.  I've had Bennie and the Jets in my head for a week. I appreciate Elton John, but never really loved his music.

    Every morning this week I've gotten up singing, "Travis! Travis! Insert high pitch! T.T.T. Travis and the jets!" Later towards dinner I sing, "Mica! Mica! Insert high pitch! Ma.Ma.Ma. Mica likes his pets!" Then I start dancing with him. If he's in a good mood he loves it. I mean who wouldn't? Ha! We don't even have any pets! I really haven't sang it to Isaak.
  5. I ran across these weird food at the grocery store. It was odd that the product was with the ice cream. I like macaroni, but this just grosses me out. Carbs on top of carbs with fake plastic cheese in the middle. In was also odd it was with the ice cream. Have you ever seen this product before?


Theresa Mahoney said...

I love that Isaak just seems to absorb all things good. He's so pure and innocent and such a well rounded kid. I think with his accepting attitude, he's going to be able to easily fit into any situation as an adult.

We've seen that boxed product in our freezer section too, but it wasn't with the ice cream here. Looked icky to me as well.

mail4rosey said...

The song variations are cute. I haven't seen, nor do I care to see, that frozen product. How fun that your son got the box of costume jewelry!

~ Noelle said...

I told Broxton he needs to pick a sport... I think he is going with soccer... I liked basketball (inside, so not tooooooo hot) but then I loved baseball when he played, even when it was hot. ha ha ha


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