Friday, July 26, 2019

Random Tid Bits

1. In late 2017 and early 2018 I had so many things happen all at once. I had nose surgery, started on weekly allergy shots (3 at a time), an Ibuprofen desensitization, got glasses (good vision, but have a astigmatism in one eye. My eyes fight in how they see), and a cyst removed from my forehead.

The cyst wasn't cancerous. I didn't think it would be. I tried many thing to get rid of it before I had the surgery, and nothing worked because it was behind a muscle. The doctor literally had to move the muscle to remove the cyst. It hurt way worse than I thought it would. My head throbbed for a good 3 days.

I got charged from the lab to test if it was cancerous, or not. I think it was a Pilar Cyst. A hard round ball of a cyst. I never got charged from the Plastic Surgeon. My younger sister said, "You should really call them. Your bill will be sent to collections. BUT I know my address was right because I did get a bill from the lab. I never called the Surgeon's office. Who calls to ask for a bill? Well I have done that once with utilities because I knew they'd never let me off the hook. If it's gone to collections I still don't know about it. We've been approved for things, so our credit must me good.
2. Now I have yet another freaking cyst. They pop up like a pimple. One day I woke up, and poof there's a giant thing coming out of my head. This time it's on the back of my head, close to my neck.
It's a genetic thing. My Grandpa, my Mom, my sister and a cousin all get them. My Mom just lets them go. I'm relentless about getting rid of them.

I contently am putting Apple Cider Vinegar with The Mother on a q-tip to raise it to the surface. After much burning pain, it will come out. I want the dang thing gone!
3. My work went from not wanting me to recycle because it takes too much time, to wanting me to recycle everything.

A few years ago I had to state my case, for recycling. Boss Man said it would take way too much company time, and that I had to use my own time to do it. I was highly annoyed.

Now he's not paying for a dumpster service over the summer, so he's all about me recycling everything.

Last week I walked into not one, but five big trash bags full of shredded paper, piled on top of the green boxes I got for the school. There's no way I'm going to take five big trash bags in my little Civic home to recycle. Here everything has to fit in the recycle box to recycle it. My coworker agreed with me to help me toss them into the unused dumpster. It was chained up because the repurpose store next door uses it, if theirs is full. We squeezed them in. Boss Man's probably wondering why I didn't take them. He won't ask though. He'll just stew over it.

This week I walk into this...a common site.

I've been watching a lot of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and I swear I could say some awkward things about this situation, but I'm biting my tongue. It's kind of like someone that won't change the paper roll ever! If you open a box, you should take care of that box: Tape and all. Under it was a styrofoam plate. Styrofoam isn't even recyclable here.

4. I got offered to teach a few classes at Iowa Western College. I work here full time. As much as I'd love to take them, I just think I'd need to move into a full time position somewhere. Not just a class, or two. I asked my boss about it, to see if it would be a conflict of interest. He thinks it would be, but loved that I brought it up to him.

I actually like my job better than ever before. There's two people that made my life pretty miserable before. They are gone. We have a new head Recruiting Rep, and I love her. The other guy gave me the creeps. 

5. All the sudden Mica's like, "I don't really want to play my trumpet anymore." Some of me is like, Well he gave it a shot. The Mom part of me is like, "We paid for it, you are playing it! What do you get into? Your choices in school are Art/Chorus, Band, or Strings. You chose Band. You need to put more into it!"

I know kids change their minds. In this case: Would you push him to practice? Would you pay for outside lessons? His teacher is just too passive. Mica needs a push to get better. Would you see if he could change to Art/Chorus in school? He doesn't seem to like Art either though. He was good at Art when he was little. I think Mica sees himself as not good enough at things, and gives up. He compares himself to others. Having a family full of artists, it's not good to compare. What would you say to him? He's really only interested in brainy things like Quiz Bowl, reading and getting good grades. He's not even interested in building up friendships. He's happy and content with a book in his hands. 


Liz Mays said...

As long as he finishes a year out when starting, I would let him quit. It's just not for everybody and that's ok!

I'm so sorry about your cysts. What a pain!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Those cysts sound horrible :(

If he gave it a solid effort and still doesn't like it, I'd let him quit and sell the instrument. Sometimes we have to dip our fingers in a lot of pies to find what we're really interested in.

Mandy said...

Sorry about your new cyst. That sounds frustrating!

… Though not nearly as frustrating as the recycling problem you're dealing with. Argh. (On second thought, having body issues without any real solution is really irritating, so… maybe both are equally frustrating?)

I think I would talk to Mica about why he doesn't like playing the trumpet. How hard is it for him to switch to something else? Is he aware that he will not be switching again? Does he have friends in band? Are his friends doing something else– the thing he now wants to do?

There are so many things I wish my parents had pushed me to continue doing. But then again would I have found the interests I now have if I had been pushed to do the things I thought I might be interested in. Sounds like you have a tough call to make.

mail4rosey said...

So sorry to hear another cyst popped up. My son loves basketball, but he's 11 and plays well so they put him on the high school team. Now he doesn't like it so much. The kids are strong (when they throw the ball across the court he flies too when he catches it), and way bigger than him, so he can't get around them well and if they are being rude he gets hurt (or humiliated, which is worse for him, lol). I don't like it. He didn't want to quit but he lost his intense interest. We missed a game to travel last weekend. It was a relief. This weekend is the last game. I'm glad. I vote to let your son quit. It sucks the joy out if something if you just really don't enjoy it.

We have a recycling program at my job but people take advantage and overflow it too. :/

~ Noelle said...

I am all about not quitting and following through, but after a year, it might not just be meant to be... so at that point, I would totally be okay with quitting... I made Broxton to karate for a year, he loved it in the start.. not so much about 9 months.. but he stayed for a year :)


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