Monday, October 28, 2019

My Jailbird Plays the Piano

I got a call last Friday, right before I was supposed to give my 1 hour lecture. Who was it? It was the Dean at Isaak's new school. Before I really talked to him I confessed that the reception is horrible where I work, just in case we got disconnected. The call took me off guard.

Here's How it Went: 

Isaak was outside in Walking Club. He started to tap or jab a few other kids. The other kids did the same. No one was hurt, or threatened. BUT Isaak didn't own up to it. It was behavior that often leads to fighting. Touching others isn't tolerated at that school. He gets an in school in school suspension on Monday (today).

I said I'd talk to Isaak, and got off the phone as quickly as I could because I knew my class was about to start.

Fast Forward to the End of the Day:

I mentioned this distraction phone call to a few people that all responded to, WHAT? You've got to be kidding me. I got out of class, went back to my office. I tried to call Mr. W., but he left for the day of course. I sent an email. I mentioned that if in fact he had bad behavior (which I don't think what he did was really bad per say), please help Isaak with getting more speedy - give him tips. All week last week he went to bed at 9:30, and probably didn't fall asleep until 10 due to the Strings Concert he HAD to go to, for his grade, and homework. I'd love for him to go to bed at 8:30 because we wake up at 6.

I wanted to say:

I'm just really glad Isaak's making friends he can play with! My co-worker thinks I should talk to him, and take him out for ice cream because of your ridiculous punishment. Don't you know boys play like that? Heck even some girls do. 

I picked up Isaak:

I got Isaak because he was at Poetry Slam. He didn't seem too bothered. I thought the boy would be in tears.

He said, "Mom look what I got!" It was an award, for the most outstanding Piano player. He was the only one that got one. Along with that he got candy, a free ice cream at Dairy Queen, and a few other random things. He was super excited!

When I brought up that the Dean called me, he said, "That was super annoying. Mom I didn't even feel like we did anything wrong. I seriously touched them lighter than if I was playing tag with them. They weren't bothered by it...until we got in trouble." 

I said, "Well I'm proud of you for your award. That is a big deal. We'll have to take a photo tomorrow when the lighting is better. You may have to serve the time for the touching big. It seems crazy to me! I emailed Mr. W., because he was gone for the day. I told him if you have to have suspension, which I don't agree with, I want them to give you all your homework, and work with you on tips for speeding up the process. Mr. W. really should focus on other kids that bully." 

Isaak said, "Am I in trouble at home?" 

I said, "No. Just know the rules at school, so this doesn't happen again. It's really ridiculous!" 

When Travis caught wind of it he email Mr. W. as well. 

We haven't heard anything back. Maybe I should call, but I kind of feel like I did what I could do. Isaak's learning about injustice today. I sent him to school in a sweat shirt that says, "Do Good", and "Be Good". I said, "Please don't wear your jacket, let them see the shirt. I love you! Ask them a lot of questions. Make them help you with your homework." 

What's something that you got in trouble for that was not called for? 

I had a few things happen:

I had to stay after school in 5th grade because I didn't realize there was a back to a homework assignment. My Mom was pissed at the teacher! I always did my homework. This was one time that I missed something not purposeful, and was in trouble for it. 

I used the word Enormous one year, and the teacher I had LOVED it because it was such a big word for me. The next year I used that same word again. That teacher kept me after school because she thought I copied that word off the board. She wasn't my favorite person in the world. 


Terra Heck said...

I got in trouble in 6th grade for flipping off the principal (validated punishment). I also got in trouble in 8th grade because the teacher thought I said damn (absolutely didn't). Anyways, I think that bullying is absolutely uncalled for but I don't agree with the zero touching rule. Kids are kids, and they will tap at each other or do things like that. Let kids be kids.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Maybe a talking to would have been more in order for a first offense, then if it happened again, a detention. I think for it being a first, the punishment did not fit the crime.

When I was in 9th grade (before the class bell even rang) I told the girl who sat in front of me that I liked her perfume. She asked if I wanted some and I said sure. She spritzed me with a mist, then spritzed the girl next to us with some as well (2nd girl asked for some too). The teacher kicked all 3 of us out of the room claiming that we were were all fighting and spraying each other with perfumes. We had to spend lunch in the the principal's office who rolled his eyes and said he believed we weren't fighting and the teacher way overreacted to the situation.


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