Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Poop Already!

The oh so cute Sunny AKA our Leopard Gecko is backed up. When we got him he had blue sand in his tank. After researching, we found that sand even if it has calcium in it isn't good for him to digest. They lick everything.

We reset up his tank to have coconut substrate in it made for lizards. I read that, that was ok.

He's pooped, but it had blue in the poop. Now it's been 2 weeks, since Sunny has pooped.

At first I was just like, "I don't know how much he actually needs to poop. Maybe there's poop that's hiding in his tank."

We've researched some more. Any loose stuff in their tank isn't good. Out went the coconut substrate. He now has a cork board, for the ground. He has fun things to hide under, and climb on.

Travis didn't believe me at first, but to help Sunny's body relax, and keep up hydration he needs some warm baths. In the water he goes. We've been watching him, so he doesn't drown. He just needs water to hit his under belly. Then if your lizard likes you, you can rub his tummy to help him. I did that. He didn't seem to mind. After that Olive Oil can be applied to his lips (we used a q-tip), and put in his drinking water. We did that. Still no poop!

We only have to take him to the vet if his eyes seem sunken in, and he's not active at all.

There were mixed reviews on feeding him, or not. We laid off on feeding him one day, but fed him the next. Then we followed up with more Olive Oil.

We decided to take him in to see a Lizard Veterinarian. It was $60 for the visit, and $10 for a laxative.

After he had the laxative one day he pooped. YAY! $25 for them to test his poop sample. Then they want a follow up. I just want him to be regular. If he can become regular, I'm all for skipping the follow up. Ha!

Moral of the story:

Leopard Geckos do best with a hard surface, for a ground. No sand, no substrate. Just newspaper, paper towel, and Scotch Brite Pads (Smooth Surface, not Rough). I think cork board will be just fine. It can be taken out, and washed.

Have you ever had problems with an animal? If so what was your problem?


Ai Sakura said...

He's a beautiful pet!! So glad to know that he's feeling better and pooped again.. hope it will be regular and you can save money on another vet visit!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Theresa Mahoney said...

What an ordeal! Hope he's feeling better now that it's out of his system.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I have to say your gecko is cute! ANd yes.. all those complicated procedures! Some of them are quite costly s well. We have 3 Persians at home and boy, I love them but they are quite handful

mail4rosey said...

I hope he's feeling better now. You've got some great pics!


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