Friday, November 1, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. Isaak has had a sub for 2 days in Math. It's been so nice. Zero homework. I feel quite a bit more free.

  2. The day Isaak had in school suspension, for playing essentially tag when he was in Walking Club he got all his homework done. Travis said he should have that more often. Um no! I emailed the Boy's Dean, as did Travis, and we both never got a response. Insert eye roll.

  3. Mica's so smart in school, but does the craziest things. The other night I had him helping me make Chicken Quesadillas, with some toppings.

    I asked him to spray the Quesadilla pan. What does he do? He starts spraying the top of the Quesadilla maker, and not the grill part. Ya I did a face palm! Then I told him about the fictional character Amelia Bedelia. I find myself snapping at him a lot. He's a sweet kid, but just does the most dingy things!

    At least the Quesadillas turned out good!

  4. Another day Mica was being critical about how I peel eggs. Travis suggested I boil a whole bunch, and let him peel them. He thought I did them just fine! I did just that. When I posted about this on FB I got a bunch of comments on how to make eggs. I can make and peel them just fine. Since Mica commented about them, it's his job now.

    He held the eggs as high as he could, dropped them, then peeled them. Hey whatever works son. I could care less about his process. It's a complain, you get to do the job.

  5. Mica has a partner for Science Olympiad, which is an extra curricular thing. Mica made arrangements that we would pick her up last Saturday at 10. I went to go pick her up. It takes about 15 minute to get to her house. When I got there she wasn't even up out of bed. She bowed out.

    I told Mica if it were him, he'd have to get up, and get ready in 7 minutes. Her Mom handled it differently, which is fine. She was grounded. Mica said she cried. He told her it's ok. I said, "I wouldn't have told her that." He said, "Mom if I would have said something harsh she would never talk to me again. She's sensitive." How would you have handled that if you were her parents? 


Theresa Mahoney said...

Jason won't eat boiled eggs unless someone else peels them. He hates doing that more than anything.

If I were the girl's mom, I would have made her get up and get ready in a hurry and get her butt out the door. You make a commitment, you honor it.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Mica and the eggs.. When my kids start complaining about things I ask them to do the way they like it. Real lesson for sure. As for the girl, as Theresa said, I would do the same. She's the one making the promises in the first place ..

mail4rosey said...

Sensitive if someone's doing it to her, but not the other way around it sounds like. ;) LOL and high five on the eggs. That's funny about the quesadilla maker. It seems super smart kids often have that kind of 'what just happened' thing going on for certain common sense things. I can relate. ;)


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