Friday, January 10, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. I'm not really starting out the semester the best. Usually I have more done, but we had one week less on the break because Thanksgiving was so late. 

  2. On Sunday Mica was talking about how they go back to school on Monday. I rolled with it. I sent them to bed early, from all the late nights previously. We got up early. Mica went to the bus stop. When Isaak's carpool didn't seem to get there, I had him call her. Turns out there was no school. We called Mica, who was wondering why he was alone at the bus stop to tell him it was a Teacher Planning Day. The award for the best parenting of the year goes to us!

  3. On Tuesday the bus didn't show up for Mica, so Travis had to take the kids to school. Thankfully there's enough room in our Subaru for his bus stop kids.

  4. I'm ready for wellness. Isaak had Strep. Mica had some nasty cold. I swore it was Strep because he got it after Isaak. He never got a fever. His sore throat came and went.

    My Mom and Dad were really sick. My Mom had to go in to get a chest x-ray, was put on antibiotics and a steroids.

    My Sister Terra's whole family got Influenza A. It's the worst in the US, right here in Douglas County. I was worried about my nephew Emerson, with having an already compromised immune system. He's ok.

    One of my Uncles has been in and out of the hospital, since before Thanksgiving. He's having internal bleeding, crazy number for his hemoglobin. He had to get an iron fusion, blood, and more than one colonoscopy.

    One of my Aunts had a UTI.

    One of my cousins turned jaundice. They rushed him off to the hospital. He had no health insurance. Too old to be on his parent's, went to college later, so he doesn't have a job to help. I'm sure an expensive scan later...he had to get his gallbladder out. The surgery was just this week. He got health insurance through school; as of January 1. It was like cement. They had to keep him in a day later than normal.

    Have you had any sickness in your neck of the woods, so to speak?
  5. That whole thing with students complaining about a few questions on my test last semester...lingered. The Education Director emailed me about it 3 times. Every time was right before the end of the day. His mailbox was full, so I couldn't email him about it. He never called me in to talk to me. I feel odd about that. A girl had problems with 4 questions on the final exam. There were 120 questions on the exam. Yes one was picky, so I'm changing that. The rest were not. First thing on Mon. I see the girl. I smiled and said, "Hi!" She looked down, and didn't say anything. I'm thinking this is more her problem, than mine. If she's going to get that upset over 4 questions on a test, how is she going to be in the work world? 


Liz Mays said...

I've been hearing how bad the flu is this year too. I'm sorry you all have been catching other sicknesses too. My boyfriend had a cold around Christmas but thankfully I didn't catch it.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I was sick all of November and December with a nasty cold. Do you take elderberry supplements? I have a friend that swears by them. I started taking them daily along with 2 vitamin c gummies and felt a lot better within days. I'll keep taking them daily through the cold and flu season to help boost my immune system.

An Apel a Day said...

@Theresa I haven't taken them. Maybe I should try. I was lucky, and haven't gotten sick. Just felt kind of down with allergy/asthma stuff + winter. It's everyone around me that was getting sick.


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