Thursday, January 9, 2020

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Our Leopard Gecko Sunny got an upgrade tank. He had a 10 gallon. After doing some research we found out it is just too small! He needs a warm side of the tank, and a cool side. He should have 3 or 4 hides: One on each side + a moist hide when he sheds.

On Facebook Market Place I kept my eye out for an upgrade. Finally I saw one! A 30 gallon tank for $30. We had to buy a top cover, but that was a good price. I got some non adhesive shelf paper, for the base. He was in the tank as soon as Travis cleaned it up.

We filled it up fast.

I had this ingenious idea of making Sunny a Tipi, for a hide.

I seriously decided his tipi plans on Christmas Eve Day. I went out to get the material. Then on Christmas I started making it. I kind of felt like he deserved nicer things, than he had.

I knew I needed some kind of base just to help hold the sticks where I wanted them to be. I used the lid to Orange Slices bought at Walmart - God I love those things!

Then I figured out that most tipis online have 6 sticks. Kitchen skewer sticks are the perfect size for Sunny's tipi, so I used them. I just stabbed holes with a knife tip, and stabbed the skewers through. Then I tied the top with hemp rope, and secured it with Elmer's Glue.

After the anatomy to the tipi was made I had to cut out the canvas, and I started sewing. I sewed around all the skewer sticks, and I sewed the door open.

When I was all done, I took the base out. BUT it was too flimsy, so Travis was nice enough to cut out a masonite base. He glued the skewer sticks to it. I think that's great because it's less likely to tip over. 

I debated on using fabric paint to make a pattern, sew beads on (he just licks, doesn't eat things off like that), or add the God's Eye I made last year out of toothpicks and embroidery floss. I went with the God's Eye. It was the perfect size, and I liked the colors. It was originally made to be a Christmas ornament. 

I worried a bit with the top of the skewers, but Sunny doesn't climb in his tank. Only when he's being held. He'll climb up to your/my shoulder every time. The tipi is really steep. We didn't place it near anything where he could get from one thing, to the top of the tipi. 

Here was his new set up:

I couldn't see him enjoy it because he was sleeping under Travis' sculpture hide. I learned a new word lately. When an animal lays all flat like to sleep it's called, "Splooting". Sunny sploots all the time!

It didn't take long before I heard Travis say, "Sunny is in your Tipi! Come look! It's the cutest thing!"

Sure enough he was checking out the tipi. 

Do you see the back corner? That's where he typically poops.

It was days where we didn't see any poop in his poop spot. He always poops there. I was thinking, Here we go again! Do we need to start giving him baths, and put him back on meds? Then it dawned on me...I bet he's shitting in his tipi! I told Travis to check!

Sure enough...there was about 5 poops in his tipi.

His tipi is his outhouse! He likes to poop in private.

What's the craziest thing you've ever made?


Liz Mays said...

It's sooooooo cute and I'm envious you can sew! I love the photos of him sitting in there. lol

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

That Tipi looks amazing, Alissa! Great work indeed..and Sunny surely loves it!

mail4rosey said...

It really turned out so cute!! That's funny that he turned that prime piece of real estate into an outhouse!!! :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

I seriously love it, even if he did think it was a good pooping spot LOL. I guess we all want a little privacy now and again to do our business.


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