Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Feeling Happier and Healthier With FeelinGirl

Stress is something that I think everyone has right now. It's hard to not feel it when many people's lives have been altered. A simple hiccup in your and my routine has an impact in how we feel. If you watch the news it's both good and bad. Good because you know more of what's going on. Bad because much of it is negative. Then people disagree. It's good to find ways to combat those negative vibes.

How do you stay feeling more positive? 
  1. Exercise - Even if it's as simple as going for a walk

  2. Read - Something short and motivating

  3. Clean - It helps to get just one medium to big project done a day

  4. Create - Paint, craft, make up the words to a preexisting song

  5. Relax - Take a shower, or take a bath

  6. Drink - Up your intake of water, find a relaxing tea you like, and have one small glass of wine a day if it's something you can drink

  7. Routine - If you used to get up at a certain time, still do that
I just started working from home. It's a transition, for sure. At lunch time I'm used to going for a half hour walk. When I'm at home I find that getting lunch ready for the family is my number one priority. It's important to take care of myself. My family is all old enough to take care of themselves. I need to keep going for a walk, wearing a shapewear panty. We all should break up our day with some form of exercise. 

As many of you know my sister Terra is pregnant. She's over half way through the pregnancy. So far she is really healthy. The girl does not go anywhere. I really like that FeelinGirl has Mama Maternity Pregnancy Shapewear Mid Thigh Shaper. She could wear this at home, to exercise. I think it is stylish, sexy, and comfortable looking. 

I do not wear leggings all the time. With exercise FeelingGirl has the best leggings for women! My husband likes ones that still show my belly button. I'm more of a fan of the high waist ones. They stay up! What type do you prefer?  

FeelinGirl also has add ons to help with weight loss. I simply love the red color. My mid section is where I need to loose weight the most. They have many others to choose from. 

What are some ways you combat stress?

Disclaimer: This may be a paid post, and has affiliate links. This was written and edited by me. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

Exercise has been my mood lifter lately. My dance instructor started a Facebook group and does live workouts daily. She alternates between hip hop, zumba, and toning to keep things interesting.

Reading is a good stress reliever for me too!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I have been cooking a lot lately! And I guess I should the same efforts to exercising LOL. Those outfits look cool indeed


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