Friday, April 17, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. I've had these sitting on my desktop, for awhile now. I've been amused by any meme that comes up for the Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. I don't know that much about her, other than the memes. They just crack me up! I'm right in line with her. A few things I had to look up.

    I didn't know what "Bugchasing" meant. It's seeking out sex with someone that has AIDS.

  2. I've had so many people here try to tell me COVID-19 is no big deal. With having blogger friends that live in places around the world, I knew otherwise. I'm not trying to be a person that's like, "I told you so!" It's more, "Please be safe, for yourself, and others around you! This is not a joke!"

  3. I finally started working from home on Monday. The Governor of Nebraska basically said, "If you can work from home, do so!" My boss listens to the Governor, so I emailed to get the ball rolling. It worked.

    It's gone ok, except for the boy's fighting, Isaak doing nothing/being lazy, and them playing on the PS4 for their cousins. They forget how loud they talk.

  4. Isaak's getting his with puberty. I remember Mica just being an ass when he was about to turn 12. Isaak turns 12 on May 19. The moods are strong with this one. Isaak's a different than Mica. He's slightly ass like, but very entitled baby like. They all go through it, so I'm not trying to pick on him. It's just hormones.

    Who knows before too long the family will have to put up with my hormones. I'm sure I'll go through menopause before too long. I'm mid 40's.

  5. Isaak had a some days of waking up with his eyes all crazy like. Last night it was his lip that swelled. Say what?! I was thinking the eye was just environmental allergies. Now I'm wondering if he's allergic to Sunny - the Gecko. He washes his hands frequently, but sometimes not right away. I don't really know. What's something odd that you're allergic to?


~ Noelle said...

I wish everyone would just stay home... I was having to go to work a s was so scared each day... now I am furloughed, so I'm home doing the school with the kids now instead of my mama (I see how bad she needed a Break!)
Stay safe

Theresa Mahoney said...

Puberty. Man, I don't miss those days!

Those memes crack me up. Poor woman looks like she's been running an adult day care and just can't believe how stupid some people are.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

One tough Mayor you got here! I enjoy the memes as well, Alissa.. And yes, COVID-19 is no joke! We saw victims here and there and no one can guarantee whether you will get it or not, or you will be the carrier or not. So better stay safe than be sorry


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