Tuesday, April 14, 2020

WW: Fools {Linky}

April Fools Day came and went. I always do something harmless, that doesn't cost a lot of money. Usually I give my students a fake assignment. Art students do not like papers, so that's what I flock to. I have a handout, and sometimes a PowerPoint to give them. I blame it on Administration.

Since COVID-19 is stressing people out, I decided a fake assignment would be too much for them, and me.

Instead I showed up on their Zoom video like this:

I didn't say anything. One girl didn't even notice. Ha! I must me that funky looking all the time. 

We didn't do much for our own boys. Well I did tell Isaak that he had to clean the bathroom floor with an old toothbrush. He bought it because we do use an old toothbrush to clean small, in the crack things. Before he got to the task I said, "April Fools!"

My husband brought up a floppy silicone thing that looked like the boy's plastic snack plates. It was from a mold he was making. I said, "Stick it in with their snack plates. We'll see if they say anything." They kept shoving it aside. Around April 3rd I put part of Mica's breakfast on it. Most of the way through his meal he finally said something. 

Did you skip April Fools Day this year? What's the best trick you've ever played on someone?


Liz Mays said...

I've actually never played a trick on anybody! I don't like it when people trick me so I guess that's why lol

Lydia C. Lee said...

That's really cute! And probably made a lot of them laugh (much needed!) My youngest dug up fake dog poo and kept leaving it around he house for others to find...

~ Noelle said...

I used to...but not these days. A co-worker wore the wrong shirt to work (on accident) I told her to fake and just say april fools if anyone noticed.

NanaHood said...

I think you look cute so I probably wouldn't have said anything either!

stevebethere said...

LOL how funny and your photo made me laugh too :-)

Im a fool most of the time without April LOL

Have a tashtastic week and stay safe 😷😷😷

XmasDolly said...

Ya gotta break the ice sometime, girlfriend don't ya think? Good one though I was wondering what was goin' on. hahahahaha

Veronica Lee said...

That's really cute! Laughter is what we need right now.

Happy Wednesday!

csuhpat1 said...

That is so very cool. Thanks for sharing it. Hope that you have a wonderful week.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I think we were all stressed from the virus this year, I didn't even play any tricks. I love yours though. Too funny!

laurensparks.net said...

We didn't do anything this year. Visiting from an apel a day's link up. laurensparks.net


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